how to stop cat from pooping on floor
Cat Pooping on the Floor
It’s great when the cat poops and urinates in the litter box. But what if your pet poops on the
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laser pointer for cats
Are Laser Pointers Bad for Cats?
Many people love to find new ways to play with their cat. Using a laser guideline is one of the more
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how to litterbox train a kitten
Litterbox Training for Kitten
Training a kitten to utilize a litterbox is typically easier than training a young puppy to go potty outside.
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infected eyes in cats
Eye Infections in Cats: Causes, Signs, Treatment and Prognosis
Infected eyes in cats is a common problem that cat owners should deal with.
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how can i tell how old my cat is
How Old is My Cat?
You can pick up a cat from the street or you can give it. In any case, you will be interested to know
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Cat and head pressing
Head Pressing in Cats
If you have observed your cat displaying habits called head pressing, it is necessary to visit your veterinarian
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hairballs in cats
Solutions for Hairballs in Cats
In this article we want to consider in detail the problem of hairballs in cats. Hairballs in felines
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fleas on cat
How to Control and Prevent Fleas on Your Cat
You have seen them: tiny, fast creatures that scamper through your feline’s fur, delighting in
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