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Most people like to take care of a cat or puppy, a parrot or an aquarium fish. The list of Pets can be continued-everyone chooses for himself what he likes best and, of course, according to their capabilities.

Our Pet Health project aims to help pet owners to care in right way for the pets, to monitor its health, to be able to respond to changes in its behavior and/or well-being. This is an important detail in the happy coexistence of man and pet.

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Does Overfeeding Fish Cause Dropsy?
Does Overfeeding Fish Cause Dropsy?
Overfeeding fish is a common mistake among hobbyists and fish keepers, which can potentially
How to Treat Fish Bloat?
How to Treat Fish Bloat?
Fish bloat is a common problem among aquarium fish, with potentially serious consequences if
Cats Hate When You Touch Their Stomach
Why Do Cats Hate When You Touch Their Stomach?
Cats are famous for their aloof and self-reliant characteristics, but they can also be
The cat is nervous.
Why is My Cat Pressing His Head Against Me?
Cats are known for their independent nature, but they also have some interesting ways
Cat and head pressing
Head Pressing in Cats
Head pressing is an unusual action observed in cats that may cause concern among
At what age a cat becomes old?
At What Age a Cat Becomes Old?
When it comes to our furry feline companions, age is just a number. But
At What Age Can a Cat Be Neutered?
At What Age Can a Cat Be Neutered?
Taking proper care of domestic animals is a sign of responsible ownership. One crucial
2 kittens in a box
Is it OK to Put My Kitten in a Box?
In an everyday domestic scenario, one is likely to encounter the sight of a
Cat in box
Why Do Cats Like Boxes?
If there is one thing universally acclaimed by cat owners, it’s the baffling and
Cat in the box
Should You Give Your Cat a Box?
Pet owners around the globe are often curious about peculiar behaviors exhibited by their
How Long Can a Dog Live With Myasthenia Gravis?
How Long Can a Dog Live With Myasthenia Gravis?
To answer the concerning inquiry regarding a dog’s lifespan when afflicted with this ailment,
Myasthenia Gravis
Myasthenia Gravis in Dogs: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment
Dogs are not immune to certain medical conditions. One of these is Myasthenia Gravis,
What Oil Is Good for Itchy Skin in Dogs?
What Oil Is Good for Itchy Skin in Dogs?
The sight of a beloved pet constantly scratching or licking itself is quite distressing
Will a Female Cat Mate if She is Not in Heat?
Will a Female Cat Mate if She is Not in Heat?
When it comes to feline behavior, female cats, also known as queens, have their
Normally, this means cats can go in heat for a period of six months between early spring and early autumn in the most part of the world.
How Long Does Cats Stay in Heat?
If you're a new cat owner, one of the first questions you'll probably ask
Why does my cat's breath smell horrible?
Why does my cat’s breath smell horrible?
Every cat owner has likely experienced getting a whiff of their furry friend’s breath
causes of bad breath in cats
Bad Breath in Cats
Bad breath, also called halitosis, can be brought on by a variety of health
Horseshoe crab
Can You Take a Horseshoe Crab Out of the Water?
Often, individuals may wonder, can you take a horseshoe crab out of the water? The simple
Horseshoe Crab as a Pet
Horseshoe Crab as a Pet
Horseshoe crabs can make fascinating and unique pets for those looking for an unconventional companion.
Eating cat
Can Overfeeding a Cat Cause Diabetes?
Overfeeding is a common issue that many pet owners may unknowingly engage in. While
Eating cat
Are Diabetic Cats Always Hungry? 
Diabetes is a common health issue among cats, and just like in humans, it
Diabetes in cat symptoms
Does a cat with diabetes experience pain?
Cats, just like humans, can also be affected by diabetes. It is a particular
Cat with diabetes type I
Diabetes in a Cat: Symptoms and Treatment
Diabetes in cats is an endocrine disease that is caused by a deficiency in
Expressing Your Dog's Anal Glands
How to Express Dog’s Anal Glands Externally and Internally
Anal gland problems in dogs is a fairly common problem faced by dog owners.
Expressing Dog's Anal Glands
Can Dogs Naturally Express Their Own Anal Glands?
Although discussing anal glands may not be pleasant, they are a vital part of
how to express dog's anal glands
When Should I Express My Dog’s Glands Externally?
Many dog owners find themselves grappling with a very peculiar question: “When should I
Is Cat Drool Harmful to Humans?
Is Cat Drool Harmful to Humans?
The sight of a drooling cat can be adorable and downright hilarious, and, sometimes,
Main Reasons Why Do Cats Drool
Why Do Cats Drool: All Causes
If you’re a cat owner, you’ve probably witnessed your furry friend drooling at some
Cluster Seizures in Dogs
What stops cluster seizures in dogs?
Cluster seizures in dogs are a distressing and severe health issue that can cause
Cluster Seizures in Dogs
Cluster Seizures in Dogs
The dog, like humans, dogs too can struggle with various health concerns. One such
hedgehogs pets
Are Hedgehog Mites Contagious?
Understanding the specific requirements and potential health issues of pet hedgehogs is crucial. Owners
Hedgehogs can get mites from other infested hedgehogs
Mites on Hedgehogs: Symptoms and Treatment
Mites are a type of small red or black arachnid, like spiders and ticks.
Does Coconut Oil Stop Itching In Dogs?
Absolutely, it certainly does. Coconut oil is renowned for its unique properties that can
benefits coconut oil for dogs
8 Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Dogs
Coconut oil is not just a fantastic ingredient for human health and wellness, but
Why Do Dogs Love Coconut Oil So Much?
Why Do Dogs Love Coconut Oil So Much?
Dogs have a natural affinity for coconut oil, and it’s not just a passing
What Promotes Rapid Healing of Broken Bones in Dogs?
What Promotes Rapid Healing of Broken Bones in Dogs?
When it comes to our four-legged companions, we always want what’s best for them.
Will a Dog Cry If Its Leg Is Broken?
Will a Dog Cry If Its Leg Is Broken?
Dogs are known for their resilience and ability to hide pain. But what happens
broken leg in a dog
Broken Leg in a Dog
Dogs most often experience fractures of the hip, lower leg, shoulder and spine. If
Can a Dog's Broken Leg Heal on Its Own?
Can a Dog’s Broken Leg Heal on Its Own?
Many dog owners wonder, “can a dog’s broken leg heal on its own?” When
Right feeding parakeet
What Do Parakeets Eat?
Parakeet food is quite simple. In addition to food, they can eat some foods
Can You Crush Famotidine (Pepcid AC) for Cats?
Can You Crush Famotidine (Pepcid AC) for Cats?
Famotidine, commonly known as Pepcid AC, is a medication used to treat stomach ulcers
Pepcid AC for Cats: Using and Dosage
Dosage Pepcid AC for Cats
Pepcid AC (FAMOTIDINE) is a supplement used to cure several stomach related problems. Numerous
Wolf Worm in Cats
Wolf Worm in Cats
Wolf worm in cats can cause heavy breathing, lethargy, and lumps on the skin
panting in dogs
Heavy or rapid breathing in a dog
If your dog is breathing heavily or wheezing, it may be a symptom of
Dog Pants
Why Does Dog Pant: 8 Causes to Consider
Dogs possess a distinctive method of regulating their body temperature, which involves panting. Panting