Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

Cat in box

For domestic cats, all the toys on the planet cannot compare to a simple cardboard box. But why are our feline good friends so drawn to boxes and other enclosed objects, consisting of bags, laundry baskets, suitcases and knapsacks? Seeking out restricted spaces is an instinctual habits for cats. In the wild, these areas allow the animals to both conceal from predators and surreptitiously stalk prey.


Cats like boxes since they are puzzling animals; they like to conceal. And a box gives them a place of safety and security. While inside a box, cats feel that they can not be snuck up on from behind or the side – anything that wants to approach them must come directly into their field of view. In effect, such hiding spaces permit them to watch the world around them without being seen. And if something intriguing passes in front of the cat — be it prey or a toy — it can rush out to get the things, and after that quickly go back to its safety spot.


Put a sheet of paper in the middle of a football stadium, and eventually a cat will push it. Cats prefer to sleep on something. This can be anything from a folded towel or blanket to one purchased in an animal store. Pads made for your cat are flat pieces of material with a little stuffing. They are portable and usually washable and can accommodate your cat’s roaming ways; some are electro-statically credited catch dander and hair; and some are made of fake fur or sheepskin to offer extra warmth.

Boxes likewise supply cats with a cozy, safe place to sleep, which is very important given that the felines sleep for approximately 20 hours a day.

Cat beds differ in style and price – anything from cup-style beds to hammocks to bunk beds are available, with a range between. Cats are attracted to cup-beds since the circular style follows the natural contour of a huddled cat. A few of these are fleece-lined with a detachable, washable lining for included convenience. Nevertheless, your cat may enjoy climbing into a blanket-lined wicker or clothes hamper or cardboard box just as well.

Small Spaces

The most convincing theory as to why cats look for small areas to sleep or conceal in is that, as a victim types, they’re typically targeted by birds and other land predators, leaving them susceptible and craving shelter. Although cats are predators and hunt little animals, van Haaften says that cats feel comfortable when they’re out of sight and hide as a way to protect themselves. Other theories regarding why cats want to conceal? Thermoregulation (being in tight spaces assists cats remain warm and reflects heat back at them) and the simple concept that, in the exact same method that getting a hug can make you feel better, cats may prefer touch.


There might something rewarding almost having that pressure surrounding their body. A sink, box or bag provides the pressure versus their body that they are seeking.

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