How Can I Train My Cat?


Contrary to popular belief, cats can be trained, a minimum of to a degree. While they might not be as simple to teach as a dog, teaching your cat to alter or customize their behaviour will ensure you have a happy and healthy relationship.

How Can I Train My Cat?

Catch the ball, kitty! Bring the paper, cat! Snag the Frisbee, kitty! Those aren’t commands you’re most likely to be providing to your cat anytime soon – a minimum of not with any success. Cats aren’t exactly receptive to that sort of training.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t train your cat at all. You can, and extremely efficiently. And at the same time you can teach your cat to be a lot more pleasant member of your home.

Probably the very first training you’ll want to provide your cat will remain in using the litter box – for very apparent factors!


Training a feline to use a litter box usually isn’t really difficult. Felines are generally clean by nature, and have a natural inclination to bury their waste. Use the following steps to train your feline to begin using a litter box:

  • Position your feline and a tidy litter box (the kind without a cover) in a confined area, like a room in your house.
  • Make certain your cat has plenty of food and clean water.
  • If your feline ‘goes’ outside of package, place the waste in the litter box. (Sorry – has to be done! The odor of the waste may motivate the cat to start utilizing the box.)
  • Generally within a day or 2 of being confined with the litter box the feline will begin to use package frequently.

If the feline isn’t using the box within a number of days, attempt this: After the feline has consumed, position the cat in the litter box then simply scratch the surface area of the litter a bit with your fingertip.

If it’s still a no-go, make certain package is tidy. If it’s ever been used before, clean it with baking soda and fill with tidy litter. You can also try a number of types of litter; in some cases a cat will be fine with one brand name and turn up its nose at another brand. Also make certain that the box is located in a quiet, remote area.

If nothing appears to work, consult your vet. Sometimes a hidden medical problem can be the reason for a feline’s hesitation to use a litter box.


If your feline is doing some things that, well … you ‘d REALLY prefer it didn’t do, there’s a likelihood that you can train that bad behaviour away.

But first, attempt to comprehend why the feline is acting that way. There’s a reason, and from the cat’s perspective, obviously, the behaviour is completely sensible.

If the feline is clawing your furniture, for example, it’s driven by impulse to do that. It needs to claw something – it’s a survival impulse. Does not have to be your furnishings, but something!

So there’s very little chance of getting your cat to stop clawing. However you can train the feline to focus its clawing impulse on appropriate objects, like scratching posts.

Train your cat to behave properly using positive reinforcement, not punishment. DON’T hit the cat when it scratches the furnishings. The cat will not understand the factor for your behaviour, and will just learn how to fear you. Instead, reward your feline by providing it a treat when it claws the cat tree.


If your cat sometimes plays too rough, and starts biting or scratching, that’s likewise a behaviour that can be trained away – at least to a degree.

When you’re having fun with your feline and it begins biting or scratching, stun it with a loud noise. You can clap your hands or make a hissing sound – simply something to stun the cat into stopping what it’s doing.

And after that just merely walk away.

Do that whenever that your cat gets rough, and it will find out that the repercussion of biting and scratching is that playtime concerns an end.


It’s a typical mistaken belief that cats cannot be trained. But thankfully that’s just not true. You can and need to train your feline to be a more pleasant member of the household. You’ll both be better off.

And believe it or not, you can even train your cat to carry out some ‘dog like’ tricks if you desire. You can train your feline to sit on command, or to walk on a leash.

Much better start with the basics though. Get that litter box training done first!

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