Is it OK to Put My Kitten in a Box?

In an everyday domestic scenario, one is likely to encounter the sight of a kitten cozying up in a box and you might wonder – “Is it okay to put my kitten in a box?” The answer resonates largely as a “Yes,” albeit a few precautionary measures are paramount to consider.

Comfort and Security

A kitten tends to find solace in boxes as it provides them with a sense of comfort and security. A closed box acts as a defensible, secure location that casts away the fear of any potential threats. The box mirrors the dark confined environment similar to how a cat would feel in a den out in the wild. However, the critical aspect here is that the kitten should be the one deciding to enter the box and it must have the freedom to leave as it pleases.

2 kittens in a box

Box Specifications

When considering providing your kitten with a box, attention must be given to the box’s specifications. The box should have adequate ventilation and not be too high that it discourages them from leaving. Also, ensure the absence of any potentially harmful elements such as loose staples or tape that could harm your kitten.

Box ConsiderationsGuidelines
VentilationsBoxes needs to have sufficient hole or openings for air flow
Box HeightNot too high that it deters the kittens from climbing out
Absence of harmsNo sharp edges, staples or adhesives that can cause harm

Promoting Playful Behaviour

Boxes also promote playful behavior in kittens. They often perceive small spaces as part of their fun-filled expedition. Hiding and pouncing from within boxes forms an integral part of their predatory practice sessions which are crucial during their growing phase.

Remember The Hygiene Factor

Moreover, keeping a clean box is paramount for overall hygiene since kittens might occasionally associate boxes with litter trays due to their enclosed nature. Regular cleaning can negate this issue.


So yes, letting your kitten play in a box or nap is perfectly fine assuming no health hazards are associated with the said box, and it’s kept thoroughly clean. It provides them with security, simulates their playful instincts, and even gives them a warm cosy spot to nap! However, always keep in mind that a box is not a substitute for a comfy, designated sleeping area or play station for your sweet feline friend.

Reyus Mammadli/ author of the article

I have had pets since childhood: cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, geese, chickens, ducks, parrots, aquarium fish and dogs (in the yard). Of course, I constantly encountered diseases of pets and treated them. Glad to be able to share my skills and experience, as well as advice on caring for and adapting these critters and birds.

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