Why Do Puppies Eat Poop and How to Stop It


Stool consuming, likewise known as coprophagy, is really rather regular behavior for a young puppy. And though you might discover it entirely gross, the behavior does have an underlying cause. Additionally, if the cause is not attended to properly and in a timely manner, it does have a great chance of ending up being a recurring habit.

Why Do Puppies Eat Poop?

Dog likes eat own feces

Some dogs like to eat own feces

To start, do not be right away alarmed when you see your puppy doing it. Responding in a manner that is alarming to the pup can do more damage than excellent, and might even lead to other behavioral problems.

Stool eating typically starts when a young puppy is still in the litter. At this stage, it is natural for the mom to eat the stool of her pups. She does this both to keep the “den” clean and to safeguard the puppies from predators that might be drawn by the scent. (It does not matter that there are no predators in your home, this is primitive evolutionary behavior– other animals do the same thing with their young.) The mother does this from the time the puppies are born until they are weaned, and because pups are in the procedure of discovering how to be dogs, they are naturally going to follow her lead and do what she does.

Obviously, the mom stops eating her puppies’ feces around the time that they have actually started eating solid food or have actually weaned from her milk, but the young puppy may still continue the habits until he becomes more fully grown. It is found out behavior together with natural puppy curiosity that leads them to smell, taste as well as eat their own or other dogs’ stool.

To begin dissuading this habits prior to the pup is ready to go to its new home, it is the breeder’s duty to constantly tidy up after the puppies — prior to they have a chance to eat it. However, this may not have actually been the practice used for your young puppy.

Other Reasons for Stool Eating

As formerly stated, it is not unusual to find your pup eat its own or other dogs’ stool. However, dogs who are getting a healthy and nutrient-rich diet needs to grow out of this behavior naturally by the time they are one year of age. If your pup continues this behavior past his first year, you will have to speak with a vet or behaviorist in order to recognize the issue.

Here are numerous of the factors that are generally connected with coprophagy:

  • Poor food digestion

Your puppy might not be digesting his food correctly. This might be since the food is low in digestible nutrients and is coming out essentially the same method it went in, or since the young puppy has an issue with his digestion system. To the young puppy, his stool tastes practically like the food he simply consumed. For the former, switching to a higher quality food can resolve this. For the latter (if switching foods has not assisted), you will have to have the puppy inspected by a vet.

  • Boredom

Boredom is another cause for stool consuming. If a pup is left alone for a long period of time, he may find relief from boredom by having fun with his own stool. This likewise takes place more often during cold weather, due to the fact that they are amazed by their frozen stool.

  • Stress

Stress will frequently own puppies– and dogs– to eat their own stool. This might be stress from being brought into a new home, or from any of a variety of factors. It is since of this that you need to not induce further stress in the young puppy by penalizing him for eating his stool.

  • Hunger

Parasites and worms can seep nutrients from the young puppy’s system, causing him to be hungrier than typical. He will respond to his hunger by consuming whatever is offered. On the exact same note, your pup may simply not be getting sufficient to eat during the day. Puppies are growing and need to be fed at least 3 times a day. If you have any concerns regarding how much you must feed your pup, talk with your veterinarian, or to the breeder bought the pup from.

  • Attention

If you have currently reacted several times to this habits by getting upset, your puppy might continue to do it simply for the response. Despite the fact that the reaction is a negative one, all the puppy knows is that he is getting additional attention from you. On the other hand, your young puppy might eat his stool to prevent unfavorable attention. If you have actually been reacting angrily to “mishaps,” his response might be to efficiently “hide” the proof by consuming it.

  • Even if

Finally, some pups– and dogs– will eat their own stool even if they prefer to do it. There is not constantly a gratifying explanation for the habits, and the best you can do is to attempt to prevent your dog from doing it by sidetracking him and getting the stool got as quickly as possible.

How To Stop A Puppy From Eating His Own Poop

Poop eating prevention steps important to dog owners

Constantly feed your pup a great quality puppy food so that you can be sure that he is getting all the protein, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients he needs for regular growth. Observe your puppy for signs that he might be struggling with poor digestion, such as watery stool or stool with big particles of undigested food. If you see any of these signs, consult your veterinarian. This can become a major issue if not resolved.

Be thorough in tidying up after your pup removes. Do not offer him the possibility to play with or eat his stool. Attempt placing the pup on a leash when you take him outside to alleviate himself, and do not allow him to inspect his stool after he has actually defecated. Sidetrack him from the stool by calling him to you, and when he responds properly, reward him with a training treat and spoken support and then take him inside, away from the stool, before you return to pick it up.

Some specialists have found that including meat tenderizer, digestive enzymes, or natural additives to the young puppy’s food makes a huge distinction, since these additives cause the stool to have an especially unappealing odor that will discourage him from eating it. If you can not immediately clean up the stool, or if there are some old stool stacks in your lawn, you can spray it with hot pepper sauce or mouth wash. Nevertheless, it is still more effective to simply tidy up after the puppy each time he eliminates.

Constantly keep your puppy on a leash whenever you take him out for a walk. This will prevent him from smelling and consuming the stool of the other dogs that are left lying around in the streets. Note that some parasites and illnesses can be transmitted through stool, so you do not want your young puppy to come into contact with stool under any circumstances (obviously, this is not always possible). If the puppy starts to sniff at a stool stack, carefully pull on his leash and lead him in another direction. Use immediate diversion methods as soon as he starts to reveal interest for his or other dog’s stool, and reward him with spoken appreciation and a training treat when he reacts appropriately.

If he is regularly dissuaded and appropriately reprimanded each time he plays with or eats his stool, he will discover how to release this practice in a brief amount of time. Quickly enough, you will have the ability to allow your dog to walk around easily and not have to stress over him consuming stool when you are not looking.

What Dog Owners Say About Their Feces Eating Pets

My labrador has begun to eat his own feaces and our others dogs, any idea why this could be? Someone mentioned he is attention looking for? (Josh)

My pup is 3 months old we have constantly dealt with stopping her consuming her own poop, we put that down to the mother tidying up after her pups. Normally when we head out there’s absolutely nothing there for her to eat but today she consumed some, absolutely wasn’t her own! How Can I stop this behaviour? She’s presently in her dog crate as I don’t desire her licking my 3 year old. (Ann)

My veterinarian stated to put pineapple pieces in his food it makes the poo smell and the young puppy will hopefully not eat it plus you have to go and move the poo asap I started this on Saturday recently still an operate in development. (Sam)


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