Dog knee braces for both back legs
Best Dog Knee Braces for 2021
Depending on the type of knee problem the dog has, owners have to resort
The dog ate a plastic bag
What should I do if my dog eats a plastic bag?
Most dogs are excessively curious, especially young dogs. Often they “taste” everything they come
Coughing up blood in dogs
Dog coughing up blood
Hemoptysis is a disease characterized by expectoration of blood from the respiratory tract. The
Swallowing disorder in dogs
Dog has difficulty swallowing – Dysphagia
Swallowing disorder in dogs (dysphagia) is difficulty swallowing.
What About Tylenol for Dogs?
Over-the-Counter Pain Relief for Dogs
When your pet is in pain, it is very difficult to watch and listen
Puppy Throwing Up Food
Puppy Throwing Up
If your puppy is vomiting and it goes on for a day or more,
Bruising in Dogs: Ecchymosis
Bruising in Dogs
While injury (e.g., being hit by a car) can typically cause bruising in dogs,
Big ticks on dog ears
How to Rid of Ticks on Dog Ears
“My dog has ticks in his ears” – it is a common situation for
How to Tell if a Dog Has Worms: Signs You Should Know
How to Tell if a Dog Has Worms
Worms are one of the most common illness for dogs. There are five types
Mucus in a dog’s feces
As a rule, a small amount of mucus in your dog’s feces does not
Heavy or rapid breathing in a dog
If your dog is breathing heavily or wheezing, it may be a symptom of
anesthesia dog side effects
Side Effects of Anesthesia on Dogs
Anesthesia in dogs is widely used for necessary surgery, but anesthesia has its own
Dog Constantly Drinking Water and Peeing
Dog Constantly Drinking Water and Peeing
The simplest reason that individuals or animals drink is due to the fact that
Common reasons that dogs vomit include eating indigestible substances that upset their stomach or even overindulging right before a tough workout (On image: dogs throwing up yellow foam)
Dog Throw Up Yellow Foam or Bile
Reasons, on which dog vomiting yellow foam or bile can be several. Many reasons
horner's syndrome dogs
Horner’s Syndrome in Dogs
Is your dog’s eye all of a sudden looking weird? Perhaps your dog’s eye