My Cat Has a Warm Nose: Is It Normal?


Feline noses are neither expected to be cold nor warm, as a rule. Your cat will usually feel warm to your touch, since she naturally is compared to human beings. Nose temperature varies, however doesn’t signify anything about your cat’s health.

My Cat Has a Warm Nose: Is It Normal?


The popular concept that a cat’s nose is a barometer of your furry buddy’s sensation has actually been myth-busted. Cat noses can feel cold, warm, dry or wet. If your cat’s nose happens to alter temperature and your feline displays other signs of disease – believe weight loss, vomiting, hunger loss or increased thirst – book a vet appointment. The nose temperature is most likely coincidental to these other symptoms of disease.

Cat Temperature

In general, cats are hotter than feline people, with a normal body temperature ranging from 100.5 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s perfectly acceptable for cat temperatures to reach 103.5 degrees Fahrenheit in hot weather or demanding circumstances. Veterinarians get worried when feline temperatures reach or exceed104.

Nose Temperature

Factors affecting nose temperature and condition consist of hydration and the temperature of your environment. So a modification in the temperature or condition of your feline’s nose has more to do with the environment than your kitty’s health.


To obtain a fast continue reading whether your cat may have a fever, feel her ears instead of her nose. Feline eats are cool when kitty’s sensation chill and warm when kitty’s a bit fired up. If her ears feel warm to hot to the touch, she might have a fever. To examine your cat’s temperature, use a lubricated rectal thermometer. It’s often handy to have a single person limit kitty while the other pushes the thermometer into the anus. Leave the thermometer in for two minutes or until it beeps, then check the temperature.

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