Are Cats Noses Supposed to Be Wet or Dry?

Cat parents regularly ask if a dry, warm nose implies their cat is ill. The brief answer is no. A healthy cat’s nose can differ in between wet and dry numerous times throughout a day. And there are numerous factors your feline can have a dry, warm nose that have absolutely nothing to do with health. Here are a couple of:

  • Lying in the sun
  • Spending quality time near a source of heat
  • Home in a space with bad air blood circulation
  • Licking – saliva quickly dries on skin

A cat’s nose is normally cool, however it can warm up for several non-medical factors. When a cat lies down in the sun or near a vent or heater, his nose heats up. Because it’s on the suggestion of his face – an extremity, like his ears – it may be warmer than his body. “Remember that damp or dry noses are not a sign of illness per se,” Dr. Adam Patterson, of Texas A&M’s Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences program, explains. “Whether your animal’s nose is dry or damp is mainly associated to the temperature and humidity in their environment.”

Looking at a cat’s nose is a good way to look for some other issues. If your feline’s nasal skin is flaking, a skin-related problem may be to blame. Ask your veterinarian to check it out.
When analyzing your cat’s nose, another thing to look for is nasal discharge. If your feline’s nose runs, the mucus ought to be clear. If your cat is producing bubbly, thick, yellow, green and even black mucus, see your veterinarian.

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