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Most people like to take care of a cat or puppy, a parrot or an aquarium fish. The list of Pets can be continued-everyone chooses for himself what he likes best and, of course, according to their capabilities.

Our Pet Health project aims to help pet owners to care in right way for the pets, to monitor its health, to be able to respond to changes in its behavior and/or well-being. This is an important detail in the happy coexistence of man and pet.

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Bloody Diarrhea in Kitten
Bloody Diarrhea in Kitten
Bloody diarrhea in kittens looks pretty terrifying to owners. But there’s no need to
Right feeding parakeet
What Do Parakeets Eat?
Parakeet food is quite simple. In addition to food, they can eat some foods
Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bones?
Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bones?
Can dogs eat turkey bones? Is it safe for adult dogs or not? Some veterinarians
Green-Cheeked Conure
Green-Cheeked Conure
Green-cheeked conures (Green-Cheeked Parakeet) can be outbound and funny; however they can likewise be
broken leg in a dog
Broken leg in a dog
Dogs often break their legs. Dogs are active animals and the occurrence of various
dog vomit after vaccine
Dog Vomiting After Vaccines
If your pup or dog is vomiting after he got his shots, you are
Tick on a Dog
Tick on a Dog: Detect, Remove and Protect
Ticks on dog and how to get rid of them is an important problem
Sneezing cat
Sneezing cat
A cat that sneezes in front of its owner immediately causes concern: What’s wrong
how long can fleas live without blood
How Long Can Fleas Live Without Blood?
How long can fleas go without host blood or food? The flea can go
How Old is My Cat?
How Old is My Cat?
How old is your cat? What, you don’t know? We’ll figure it out, don’t
Natural Antibiotics for Cats
Natural Antibiotics for Cats
Natural antibiotics for cats … sounds a little strange, doesn’t it? But that doesn’t
Omeprazole for Dogs
Omeprazole for Dogs
Omeprazole for dogs is a common medication that is used in cases of stomach
bruising on a dog
Bruising in Dogs
While injury (e.g., being hit by a car) can typically cause bruising in dogs,
skin tag on dog's eyelid
Skin Tag on Dog’s Eyelid
Skin tags on your dog’s eyelid may be harmless, hereditary. But if they are
Wolf Worm in Cats
Wolf Worm in Cats
Wolf worm in cats can cause heavy breathing, lethargy, and lumps on the skin
dog torn acl brace
Best Dog Knee Braces for Torn ACL 2022
Braces really help dogs with torn ACL. Depending on the type of knee problem
lifespan betta fish
Lifespan of a Betta Fish in Captivity
Male bettas are brightly-colored fish with big fins, and many family pet shops market
benadryl dog dosing
Benadryl Dosage for Dogs by Weight
Benadryl is widely used in the treatment of dogs, but this does not mean
Can cats eat oatmeal?
Can cats eat oatmeal?
It is every cat owner’s dream to have a healthy and nourished cat. Oatmeal
Cats eat liver
Can Cats Eat Liver?
Can felines eat liver? The response is somewhat blended on this one. In little
Why is My Cat Peeing Outside the Litter Box?
Why is My Cat Starts Peeing Outside the Litter Box?
What to do if the cat has begun to pee anywhere, ignoring the litter
cat drinks a lot of water
Cat Drinking a Lot of Water
Many cat owners, especially first-time cat owners, notice that their cat takes a long
How to Taper Off Prednisone Dog Dosage
How to Taper Off Prednisone Dog Dosage
Prednisone, as a steroid medication, after completing the active phase of treatment in a
This is what a sick goldfish looks like.
Diseases of Goldfish
Disease of goldfish, which are most commonly encountered by owners of aquariums: swimming upside
Dog Heartworm
Heartworms Medication for Dogs
Has your veterinarian advised month-to-month heartworm avoidance medications? Inning accordance with the plan suggestions,
Dogs mark for various reasons. Unfortunately, once they start it can quickly become a pattern – urinating small amounts in very specific areas around the house.
My Dog Started Peeing in the House
The best solution for dog owners is not to keep dogs in the house.
Black-capped Conure - walking like a boss
Black-Capped Conure
The black-capped conure is among the tiniest of the conure parrots, and is one
The cat is trying to pee for a long time
A cat can’t pee: what to do?
Failure to empty the intestines or bladder for a pet can have serious consequences,
Pain Medication for Dogs
Pain medications for dogs vary depending on the cause and type of pain. In
Is the kitten a boy or a girl?
How to determine the sex of a kitten
Determine the sex of a kitten at 2-3 months can be determined by the
Dog Keeps Licking Paw
Why Does My Dog Lick and Chew His Feet?
Is It Normal? Lots of owners observe this typical habits in their dogs and
pulled muscle in dogs leg
Muscle Tear in Dogs
A typical muscle can be extended, pinched, or hurt directly, leading to fiber disruption,
The kitten does not yet know that he can be washed with human shampoo
Can I wash my cat with regular shampoo?
Experts do not recommend shampooing cats with ordinary human shampoo. All the pros and
Pepcid AC for Cats: Using and Dosage
Dosage Pepcid AC for Cats
Pepcid AC (FAMOTIDINE) is a supplement used to cure several stomach related problems. Numerous
Cat and head pressing
Head Pressing in Cats
If you have observed your cat displaying habits called head pressing, it is necessary
food for cats with diabetes
Best Food For Diabetic Cats
According to a study, diabetes in cats is the most common metabolic disease! Between
Best Food for Outdoor Dogs: Feeding Advices
Best Food for Outdoor Dogs: Feeding Advices
A comprehensive guide to dog nutrition in questions and answers How much food should
Rosy Bourke's Parakeets
Bourke’s Parakeets
Bourke’s parakeets are an excellent introductory bird for those new to the hookbill family
How to help a cat in a hot weather
How to Help a Cat in the Summer Heat
Hot weather is a challenge not only for people, but also for pets. When
the cat meows patiently at the door
Why a cat meows for no reason
Some house cats are real lovers of “chatting” with the owner. They can purr,
A difficult choice for a Maine Coon kitten - to eat or not to eat
What to feed a Maine Coon: kitten at 2, 3, 4 months, adult
Feeding the Maine Coon – a very important issue for the health of these
Dog Scratching Carpet
Dog Scratching Carpet
When the dog is scratching the carpet, this is considered a devastating habits and
Do cats know their name?
Do cats know their name?
If you call your dog by name, he’ll respond to you cheerfully, wagging his
How to insert a chip into the cat's withers
Chipping cats
And such a pet is scary to lose: in order to find your favorite
Dandruff on cat's back due to poor diet
Cat has dandruff on his back
Sometimes the owner, showing affection to his fluffy pet notices that in the hair