Types of Siamese Cats

Siamese cats originate from the ancient Kingdom of Siam (presently Thailand), where it’s stated that this type might only be owned by royalty. Luckily, this excellent and beautiful family pet can now be delighted in by any cat lover. In fact, there are two types of Siamese cats: the modern-day Siamese cat and the so-called Thai cat, which is the older breed from which modern-day Siamese cats stemmed. A highlight of the latter was that it was normally white (a spiritual color in Siam) and its face was normally a little more rounded. Its body is also a little more compact and rounded.

Colors of Siamese Cats

The different types of Siamese cats are presently differentiated by their color, given that they’re really similar fit. Their body is slender, elegant and flexible, despite having a distinct muscular construct which makes them really nimble.

The colors of their coat can range from creamy white to dark brownish-grey. Nevertheless, they always display a specific characteristic in their face, ears, feet and tail which makes them stick out from other breeds of cat. The body temperature in these areas is lower, and the hair of Siamese cats is much darker in these locations, ranging from almost black to solid black. This, combined with their blue eyes, clearly sets them apart from other breeds.


  • Lilac point is the light grey Siamese cat. This lovely color is typical, but it must be kept in mind that the fur of Siamese cats darkens with age.
  • Cream point is the cat with cream-colored or light orange fur. Cream or ivory fur is more typical than orange. Many kittycats are very white when they’re born, but their color modifications after simply three months.
  • Chocolate point is the light brown Siamese cat.


  • Seal point is the dark brown Siamese cat.
  • Blue point is the term provided to Siamese cats with a dark grey coat.
  • Red point Siamese cats have dark orange coats. This is a really unusual color in Siamese cats.

Variations of the Basic Colors of Siamese Cats

There are two more types of variations in Siamese cats:

  • Tabby point describes Siamese cats of any the above colors who show a striped, tabby pattern in their fur.
  • Tortie point is the name provided to the Siamese cats with reddish spots, which is why stated coat is described as “tortoiseshell”.
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