Treating Canine Parasites with Fenbendazole for Dog


Fenbendazole is an effective treatment for removing a variety of parasites in your dog’s system. Also understood by the brand names Panacur and Safe-Guard, fenbendazole gets rid of intestinal tract parasites consisting of roundworms, hookworms, some tapeworms, whipworms and giardia.

Treating Canine Parasites with Fenbendazole for Dog

Treatment of Parasites with Fenbendazole

Fenbendzole is available in granule, suspension (liquid) and paste kinds with dosing based upon your dog’s weight. Fenbendazole is safe to use due to the fact that it is more attracted to the cells of the parasites, and not to your dog’s cells. Once administered, the medication begins working and is either metabolized into your dog’s system or lost consciousness of the body with your dog’s stool. Fenbendazole is absolutely from the system in 48 hours. Due to the fact that of this, and because of the determination of parasitic worms, fenbendazole must be given numerous days in a row, the length of time figured out by the kind of parasite being treated and dosage based upon your dog’s weight. Blended with a bit of food, the medication is easily administered to your dog.

Fenbendazole is Safe to Use

Fenbendazole has made a credibility for being a safe method of treating parasitic problems. Due to the fact that of its limited duration in your dog’s system (48 hours) and due to the fact that it attacks parasites and not the dog’s tissue, fenbendazole has very minimal side effects and is very safe to use. This enables fenbendazole to be offered to puppies as young as 2 weeks old, with limited or no effect on a young puppy’s systems.

Side Effects of Fenbendazole

While side effects of Fenbendazole are uncommon, they do take place. The most typical side effects are vomiting and queasiness. Dogs conscious the medication ought to not be treated with fenbendazole.

Advantages of Fenbendazole

  • Fenbendazole is extensively used in the treatment of parasites since it works, yet mild to your dog’s system.
  • Fenbendazole is cheaper than a lot of the other worming items offered.
  • It is readily available at many pet or feed stores and can be stored in the fridge for approximately 3 years. Simply follow the dosing guidelines on the container.
  • Breeders use it for treating their dogs for worms. They treat their dogs every other month and before breeding, in order to avoid the female passing the parasites on to the puppies.
  • Fenbendazole is a broad spectrum wormer, ridding the dog’s system of a variety of parasites, rather of having to treat with numerous worming items in order to eliminate invasions of numerous parasites.

Intestinal tract parasites are a common problem in dogs. They rob the dog of vital nutrients in its diet, and can cause additional issues like colitis. Parasitic worms can increase rapidly and, if left unchecked, can move to other parts of your dog’s body to lie inactive up until set off by the suitable situation in your dog’s system. Frequently treating your dog for internal parasites with medications such as fenbendazole can help to keep him healthy and parasite free. Don’t wait up until you see worms in your dog’s stool. Take preventive steps to ensure your dog’s health.

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