How to Switch or Transition Dog Food


It is necessary that your dog switch dog food gradually from his present dog food to prevent gastrointestinal upset or tummy difficulty.

To transition, mix your dog’s present food with his brand-new food. Over 7 days, slowly reduce the quantity of the present dog food while increasing the quantity of new dog food.

To help you with the switch and dog food transition, refer to the 7-Day Transition Schedule below.


Unlike people, who can eat a range of foods in a single day and not have any digestive upset, your dog’s digestive system is far more sensitive. Usually, your dog will need a seven-day shift duration when switching to a brand-new food. If you change his food too quickly, you might discover your family pet becoming ill, which will include an untidy clean-up for you.

Keep in mind these ideas when changing your dog’s food:

  • Puppies end up being grownups at 12 months of age and need to transition to an adult dog food to ensure they are receiving proper nutrient levels for adult dogs.
  • Big breed pups and small breed young puppies must switch to a big type or little type adult dog food to guarantee that their special requirements are satisfied.
  • For small and medium size dogs who are older, about the age of 7, they should shift to a fully grown grownup or senior dog food that ensures that they are getting the appropriate level of nutrients for that older lifestage.
  • For big type dogs that are around 5 years of age, their food needs to switch to a fully grown adult or senior large type dog food so that their unique nutrient requirements are met.
  • Pregnant or nursing dogs require energy-dense foods with increased calcium material so make sure to shift them during this unique time to a young puppy food. However, during pregnancy or nursing, big breed dogs must be switched to a regular puppy food, not a big breed pup food.
  • If your vet has recommended a restorative dog food for a specific health condition, please be sure to discuss transitioning his dog food in detail. There could be some unique factors to consider and recommendations to guarantee success.

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