Reviews of Electric Fence for Dogs

Electric Dog Fence

An electric dog fence is a gadget that keeps your dog or pup from wandering outside the backyard, or from a set perimeter within the backyard. The dog wears a radial collar with a battery. When the dog wanders too near to the limit an alarm will sound. If the dog then crosses the boundary, the collar will administer a safe, corrective static shock. Ultimately the dog associates the alarm with the coming shock and learns to remain within the boundary set by the owner.

There are two type of electrical dog fences popular (actual) in 2018/2019: in-ground and wireless. With in-ground fences, the owner should set an underground boundary wire. These systems are good since they can be personalized to the exact, or irregular shape of your yard. They are likewise plugged straight into a power outlet and don’t have to count on batteries. A cordless dog fence has a battery-powered base transmitter, which broadcasts a large circular border of selected size regardless of blockages. A cordless system administers the alarm and shock when the dog begins to move outside the border. The main benefit to this service is that it is portable.

Electric dog fences are ideal for owners who want to ensure the safety of their dogs. If your dog or puppy is vulnerable to roaming, or you live near a road or highway, an electric dog fence is the most effective way to keep your dog on your home or business. Nevertheless, we suggest you consult your vet before purchase, as they are not appropriate for all dogs. Guard dogs, extremely aggressive dogs, and dogs with health issue are not ideal candidates for an electrical fence system.

What type of fence is right for you depends primarily on the shapes and size of the location in which you propose to include the dog. Smaller, unobstructed backyards do well with wireless dog fences. They are generally the more affordable option. If you have a larger yard, or particularly if you wish to personalize he border, the in-ground option is probably for you.

Top 10 Electric Dog Fences

# 1 DogTek Electronic Dog Fence System – EF4000

  • In-Ground Fence
  • From $149.95.
  • Covers up to 5 acres with extra wire.
  • Endless variety of pets with purchase of additional collars.
  • 8 levels of correction.

# 2 PetSafe Basic In-ground Fence (PIG00-14582)

  • In-ground Fence.
  • $ 154.99.
  • Covers 1/3 acres expandable to 5 acres with extra wire.
  • Limitless variety of animals with purchase of additional collars.

# 3 Perimeter Comfort Contact Fencing

  • In-ground fence.
  • $199.95.
  • Up to 5 acres cover with extra wire.
  • Unlimited number of animals with purchase of extra collars.
  • Dual frequency.

# 4 nnotek Rechargeable In-ground Pet Fencing SD 2100

  • In-ground Fence.
  • $ 209.95.
  • Cover up to 25 acres.
  • Rechargeable battery.

# 5 YardMax Rechargeable In-ground Fence PIGOO 11115

  • In-ground fence.
  • $ 299.95.
  • As much as 10 acres with extra wire.
  • Unrestricted variety of pets with purchase of additional collars.
  • Compatible with indoor systems.

# 6 Sportdog Brand In-ground Fence

  • In-ground Fence.
  • $ 244.95.
  • 100 acre cover.
  • Unlimited variety of pets with purchase of extra collars.
  • Rugged and trusted.

# 7 PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-ground Fence PIG00-10777

  • In-ground Fence.
  • $ 224.95.
  • Cover 1/3 acre expandable to 10 acres with additional wire.
  • Limitless variety of pets with purchase of extra collars.
  • 4 Higher Intensity Settings.

# 8 Havahart Radial Shape Wireless Dog Fence

  • Wireless fence.
  • $ 299.
  • Circular wireless border from 40-400 feet in any instructions.
  • 2 dogs maximum.
  • Rechargeable collar.
  • Up to 11 acres cover.

# 9 PetSafe Stay+ Play Wireless Fence PIFOO 12917

  • Wireless fence.
  • $ 349.99.
  • Covers 3/4 acre circular area.
  • Unlimited number of animals with purchase of extra collars.

# 10 PetSafe Wireless Mapping Fence PIFOO-13651

  • Wireless fence.
  • $ 599.99.
  • 1/2 acre cover.
  • Endless Number of family pets.

How We Argue Our Choice of Electric Dog Fences

Price – 30%

Here we take a look at the cost of an offered electrical dog fence system. For in-ground systems, the devices might vary anywhere from $100 to $400. This normally includes the collar, circuitry, charger and voltage meter. Batteries need to be changed every 3 to 4 months, averaging about $50-$ 90 a year. Installation of these systems is quite labor extensive, particularly if you have a large property. It includes digging a ditch around the complete boundary and burying the wire. If you opt for expert setup, the labor cost might run anywhere from $900 – $1,300 – no small amount.

A cordless system generally runs cheaper, $100 – $450, and there is no setup. You basically simply turn it on. However, there are 3 primary downsides to wireless systems that might affect your choice if they use to your scenario. A wireless system can only predict a circular border, it can not customize itself to the shape of your yard. Likewise, wireless dog fences experience something called “border blur.” This indicates since of the transmission, the edge of the border through which the dog should pass in order to get the fixed shock is ill defined. It can move anywhere from 1 to 20 feet at any given time. Finally, for cordless fences to work correctly they should be mostly unblocked. Trees, large shrubs, and particularly vehicles or sheds can block the signal in certain locations.

For both variations, you ought to be aiming to invest approximately $250 for a good system. However, the price of setup of an in-ground fence depends totally on the size of your backyard and whatever the contractor wishes to charge. We recommend you install yourself if you are able. It’s a simple weekend DIY job.

Animal Features – 25%

The next factor in our requirements deals with how these electronic systems impact our pets. This includes the type of correction that is administered and the adjustability. Is it a fixed shock? Can it be set to vibrate? What kind of alarm is sounded? Does the collar enable progressive correction as the dog strays further? It likewise offers a score according to how the collar is constructed, comfort and functioning.

It is very important to remember here that the shock administered by the collar is not intended as punishment. It is to train the dog to associate the unwanted habits with the pain of the shock. Make sure your shock collar is approved so the voltage will not hurt the dog. Also, collars that have numerous levels of correction might be more pricey, however are suggested due to the fact that you are going to want the versatility of changing the shock depending upon the size/temperament of the dog to get full efficiency.

Equipment – 20%

Here we evaluate the wide variety of devices options and quality used by electric dog fences. This includes battery life, training devices, cordless base units, and ease of setup.

Battery– we suggest electronic fences that utilize rechargeable batteries. This is perfect for especially for long-lasting usage because constantly purchasing battery replacements could be pricey and troublesome.

Training devices– training flags are supplied to assist our animals picture the place of borders. This is a clear signal that our pets are near a limit and helps throughout training. Aside from offering training flags, companies also include a training handbook.

Reduce of installation — this is definitely where cordless systems out carry out in-ground systems. Wireless dog fences do not need burying wires and all you require is to set up the base unit and collars. Nevertheless, most electrical fencing systems both include manuals making it easy to install even without expert setup services.

For in-ground fences, ensure your system has a battery backup in case of power outages. Plans that include training equipment are also more effective. If you take a trip a lot with your dog, or clearly if you live in a Recreational Vehicle, the wireless option is clearly the better bet.

Reliable Range – 25%

Here we look at how big a location an electrical pet fence covers. For in-ground fences, this is only restricted to the length of wire you purchase. Wireless ranges vary extensively according to the level of base system you purchase. Wireless ranges are also adjustable, and the systems themselves are portable, so if you are taking the dog away from the house you can take the dog fence with you.

The majority of animal owners only need cover for little lawns. Rates of animal fencing systems usually depend upon how much cover is required, so it is important that you know this. We likewise take into consideration the flexibility of the system and if it could be used both inside and outdoors.

For in ground fences you are plainly going to wish to choose a plan with considerable wire to cover your entire property, thus providing the dog the biggest area possible to wander. Wireless fences should have unique factor to consider here, particularly if you live near a street or other risk. Because of the blurred limit, it’s bad to set the variety limit too close or precisely at the yard’s border. You need to be looking for an adjustable variety, one sufficient enough to cover your whole backyard, but also that can be revived so the limit does not end up being ill specified near an unsafe area.

What Is Electric Dog Fence and Do You Really Need One?

An electric dog fence is an electronic system designed to keep your family pet within a set limit. The system features a wire that is generally buried or otherwise protected around the boundary you designate as your family pet’s limit. A collar that is used by your family pet includes a sensing unit, which will first beep to alert your family pet to move away from the border. If your animal ignores the signal and continues to get closer, she or he will receive a mild electric shock to hinder them from crossing the fence boundary.

Is an electric fence right for my dog?

An electrical dog fence can be a great tool for animal moms and dads who are concerned about their animal escaping, going after people, animals or cars, or straying and getting lost. For the majority of pet parents, the concept of losing an animal resembles losing a relative, and electric dog fences can assist prevent that worry from coming true.

Regardless of how practical an electric fence can be, the truth is that an electrical dog fence is wrong for every dog, or for each family pet moms and dad.

An electrical fence is easy to establish; nevertheless, in order for the system to be reliable you will likely need to hang around training your animal. If you don’t it could cause a lot of confusion for your pet, or even worse, produce stress and anxiety or fear. Remember, your pet will not understand what is taking place, so it’s best to spend time in advance to show them how it works before letting them loose.

If your pet is under 8 weeks, chances are they won’t be able to comprehend the training you are supplying. No matter how hard you may attempt to train a 6 month old the best ways to use the potty, possibilities are they just do not have the capability to understand the directions, control their impulses, and respond appropriately. The very same holds true for animals.

Then there are the family pets that will blow right through the electrical family pet fence completely. Whether they get caught up in the minute, simply don’t care about the fence, do not remember it’s there, or whatever the factor, some animals just need that physical limit.

Nevertheless, many pet parents have discovered electric dog fences precisely what they need to protect their family pets and keep them safely at home.

Does the shock from the electric dog fence injured my dog?

The shock that is delivered from the sensor collar is mild, and the voltage can normally be adjusted within a safe range.

However, there is a danger for injury if the voltage is expensive, so we suggest following the directions on whatever system you decide to make certain your family pet is not injured. We do not excuse using an electric fence to harm or cause pain to your animal. The function of an electric fence is to get the attention of your family pet and hinder them from crossing the limits, which is why many pet moms and dads will test the system on themselves prior to putting the collar on their pet.

It’s never a bad concept to speak to your veterinarian if your family pet has health problems or you have concerns about using an electrical dog fence for your family pet.

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