Why Do Rabbits Stomp Their Feet?

Why Rabbits Stomp Their Feet?

Little as your lovable animal rabbit may be, the aggressive stomping of his back feet can make a remarkably loud, disruptive and disconcerting noise. If your wee bunny stomps one or both of his hind legs down onto the ground every once in a while, he’s not aiming to annoy you, however instead aiming to express something to you. Focus on your bunny’s mode of communication.

Why Do Rabbits Stomp Their Back Feet?

A rabbit foot thumping is an alert to anybody nearby that something bad, unsure, or frightening is happening. In the wild, it’s primarily used to alert the warren that potential danger has to do with. With animal bunnies, it’s also a form of interaction. It can either suggest something scared the rabbit, the bunny is angry or annoyed with something, or something going on around it is causing aggravation. It is NOT limited to gender. In fact, I’ve discovered outspoken women to be especially susceptible to it if you’re getting too near to their personal space, choose them up when they don’t want it, or otherwise do something that troubles them!

Some examples of reasons a rabbit may thump are: being pestered by an individual or other animal, hearing a noise that they cannot tell the origins of, seeing an unexpected motion that frightens them, an owner aiming to get them back in the cage or attacking their cage when they do not want you, observing another rabbit getting something like food and understanding they don’t have any yet, trying to get the attention of a nearby bunny who’s overlooking them (among our more youthful males did this to my doe while she was out running!), or voicing that something is physically troubling them that they can not get rid of (my typically peaceful dollar somehow got his mouth full of fur one time and thumped up until we came over and assisted him get it out).

If the thumping is a kind of aggravation or anger, especially with females, it will sometimes be accompanied by a humming-like grunt.

Main Causes of Rabbit Stomps His Foot

So, Why do rabbits stomp their feet? Thumping ought to not be misinterpreted with binkeying, where the rabbit gets excited and leaps or bucks off the ground while running. That’s an expression of joy or enjoyment.

Look Out

If your bunny is loudly thumping his back leg over and over, he might be attempting to courteously inform you — together with everyone else in your house — of any impending threat that he views. If your bunny heard an unusual noise coming from outdoors, for instance, he may be aiming to alert you beforehand. He might simply be worried and terrified that predators are on the method.

I’m Feeling Irritable

Back leg stomping can also represent irritation in the rabbit world. If your bunny is feeling irritated about something, whether it’s your rubbing his back for a little bit longer than he wants or the existence of your rather hyper dog right beyond his cage, he may make it understood by thumping his feet. This behavior is a sign that your bunny is feeling somewhat inflamed or anxious at the minute, and most likely just has to be left alone for a little while.

I’m Really Angry

Although rabbits are usually docile animals, they’re in no way unsusceptible to occasional fits of anger. A rabbit may reveal feelings of belligerence and hostility by stomping his back feet. If your bunny remains in this nasty state of mind, offer him some much-needed time to cool off. Leave him be temporarily.

Pay Attention to Me

If your bunny is feeling especially energetic, dynamic and hyper, he might even stomp his back leg as a precursor to running around. By doing this, he’s aiming to get your attention and impress you. “Hey there, take a look at me. Do you see just how rapidly I can run?” All your bunny is requesting for is simply a little bit of your concentration.

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  1. Reyus Mammadli

    I separated two young male rabbits from the females in a special feeding cage. In the evenings these two thugs be satisfied with a serious noise in his cage. First went out into the yard to check – everything is in order, and now I understand – that stomp feet for various reasons – this is their favorite pastime.

  2. Lisa

    My friend has a rabbit who always stomps that when I come. That’s funny. I didn’t think anything bad about it.