Povidone Iodine for Canine Skin Infection

povidone iodine for dogs

Summary: A safe way to treat minor skin infections. Decontaminates staph, yeast, and practically all common bacteria.

Limitation the threat of secondary skin infection and lower evil surface yeast!

Mites typically cause secondary infection prior to and during treatment. When you consider the horrible things going on below your dog’s skin, the bumps and lesions that support mange are understandable.

How Does It Work?

Treating your dog daily with a povidone iodine wash is the safest method to treat small secondary infection without racing to the vet for antibiotics that might weaken the body immune system.

  • Sanitizes staph, yeast, and practically all typical germs.
  • Excellent for hot spots, cuts, minor abrasions, and any other skin issue that either is infected or could end up being contaminated
  • Does not sting or irritate the dog’s skin at all
  • Safe if dogs lick the area after cleansing
  • Easy to use
  • Fantastic disinfectant for all around first aid– it belongs in all human and pet emergency treatment packages!
  • Concentrated. 8 oz bottle makes up to a gallon of option

Active Ingredients: Povodine Iodine 10%.
Non-active Ingredients: Citric Acid, Glycerin, Sodium Citrate, Tween 80, Disodium Phosphate and Purified Water.

How to Use Povidone Iodine for Skin Infection in Dogs

  1. In a small container water down 10% povidone iodine with water. Water it down to the color of iced tea. There is no scientific formula or need for exact proportions. (If you feel the need for a formula, start with 10 parts water to 1 part iodine.) If it shows up too light, simply include a bit more of the iodine. If it’s a bit dark, include more water. Mix just what you’ll need.
  2. Soak a tidy washcloth in the watered down povidone iodine option. Gently clean down the entire body. (Spraying does not work.) Pay unique attention to sores, bumps, eruptions, flaky areas or areas where yeast is presumed. Deal with the healthy skin too to help stop issues prior to they begin.
  3. Wash the washcloth, wring it out well and dip it in the watered down iodine again. Do one more pass simply as before. Don’t worry about rinsing. Simply pat your dog dry and apply appreciation freely. Now prepare yourself to do the Paw Dunk.
  4. Dunk the paws as follows: Put enough of the diluted povidone iodine into a cup or container just large enough to submerge a full paw in. Dunk each paw individually, submerging deep enough to cover the entire foot. Leave it covered for 15 seconds if you dog will let you. You want to keep each paw immersed enough time for the liquid to make its method up into the folds and crevices of the pads. If your dog will let you, part the pads open to enable the option to permeate deeply.
  5. Remove and pat dry. Do not ever enable moisture to remain on your dog’s feet.

It is essential to do this sanitizing procedure every day. Twice a day if possible. If you have actually just done a Mite Avenge treatment, wait 3 hours prior to doing any wet treatment to permit Mite Avenge to do its task.

Real Reviews

Patrick: I ordered this product for my dog, who is allergic to something outside and gets a rash that he scratches and causes infection. This item works GREAT. Dilute it to the color of iced tea and rub it on the affected area a number of times a day and it actually helps clear it up prior to you have to resort to antibiotics. When you wipe it on, it is an intense yellow color. Don’t stress; it will not stain your dog and it wipes right up. I keep mine in a spray bottle and spray it directly on the affected area, then mop off the excess.

Alice: I discovered this iodine to be handy in dealing with a furuncle my dog had actually developed. I made a weak service of this item in warm water, and soaked his foot for 10-15 minutes. I also included Epsom salts to the tea colored option for additional drawing. This offered my dog a great deal of relief, and his bump disappeared. Consistency would have made it fully disappear more quickly, however my boy wasn’t in love with the concept of standing in a tub of water. The instructions I discovered online suggested that I NOT wash my dog’s paws after soaking, however the very first time I utilized the soaking service, he didn’t feel well the next day, so I would highly recommend rinsing thoroughly after usage. I didnt have that issue once again. I can’t positively state that the soak service is what triggered his stomach ache, but I won’t chance it again. To reiterate, do rinse completely!

Jason: Hard to find this anywhere except on line, they utilized to sell it at Drugstores, I use this for my dogs to clear out cuts or scrapes they get from playing rough outside. I also use it to clean out my cuts and scraps, and even as a footbath to avoid foot fungi and dry skin on your feet and toe fungi.

Rachel: This prep option is great to utilize in your home to clean out any cuts or open wounds. Although you need to take care not to stain your clothes, this medical grade option is ideal to keep around the house. My husband is a surgeon and he utilizes this all the time at the medical facility so he was surprised to see me use at home, but it’s nice to understand that it’s something that is often used in healthcare facilities and medical workplaces. I’ve found that this is good for my dog too if he has any skin infections or rashes. Instead of taking him to the veterinarian, I have found that using this regularly conserves trips and cash invested at the vet. It’s definitely a fantastic item to have around the house!

Ito: Killing fungus on skin, sanitizing an aching, even a squirt contributed to liquid hand soap bottles offers me the convenience in knowing a broad spectrum of germs and fungi are being removed. This item is actually cheaper by Amazon prime than it is in my own local drug stores. I’m a fan. Contributed to water of dubious sources, shaken and bottled, iodine can make water safe to drink. I also utilize it sparingly in a weak tea on my dog’s pimples and once he had a hot spot that I treated with this iodine tea after his bath. Vet stated it was a sensible, non prescription option and the dog’s location cleared up in about 2 weeks and never returned. I hear people use it to soak their feet when they have athlete’s foot however I actually don’t understand if it’s efficient, never having actually needed to utilize it myself.

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  1. Reyus Mammadli author

    Here is my method of treating skin infection I discovered in a web:

    For skin infections like Rosco’s, and also hot spots, minor abrasions, and any other skin issue that either is infected or could become infected, we wish to disinfect with a mild solution.

    The option I’m about to use will look after staph, yeast, and basically any common bacteria, however does not sting or aggravate the dog’s skin at all. And it’s safe if dogs lick the area after cleansing.

    It’s povidone iodine, and I use it here at Natural Pet and likewise at home. You can buy it at any drug store.

    For the function of sanitizing skin, you want to dilute the povidone iodine until it’s the color of iced-tea. I’ll put a little of the iodine in a dish and add some warm water to dilute it.