Panacur for Cats

Panacur (Fenbendazole) for cats

If your cat is infected with the parasite Giardia, Panacur often is the drug of choice for veterinarians. Not only is it safe and efficient, it’s likewise economical. Although readily available over the counter, your vet needs to identify Giardia in Kitty and recommend the current dose to get rid of this protozoa.


Panacur is a brand name of fenbendazole, a broad-spectrum dewormer, or anthelmentic. If you provide your cat Panacur to get rid of Giardia, you’ll also remove any roundworms, hookworms or whipworms lurking inside Kitty, in addition to some types of tapeworm. It’s safe for use in pregnant or breast feeding cats. That’s specifically crucial so Mama doesn’t move the parasite to her kittens. Although it’s typically well-tolerated, some cats might experience side effects, such as vomiting or diarrhea. Readily available in tablet, liquid and paste form, it takes approximately 3 doses to get rid of Giardia.


The protozoan parasites making up Giardia live in an infected host’s small intestine. It can affect all types of mammals, consisting of people, as well as birds. Infected animals pass Giardia cysts through their feces, which is how most cats get the parasite. About two weeks after infection, symptoms start taking place. If unattended, Giardia can last for years in a feline, triggering gastrointestinal upset while he continues to shed cysts and potentially contaminate animals and people.

Symptoms and Treatment

Giardia’s primary symptom is diarrhea, particularly very loose feces including blood or mucus. Affected felines often reduce weight or vomit. Kittycats are especially susceptible, since the diarrhea can lead quickly to dehydration in tiny bodies. To diagnose Giardia, your vet takes a stool sample and tests it via an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) test. This test verifies the presence of Giardia antigens, but even if the test is negative, your veterinarian still may choose to treat your cat with Panacur considering that the drug is fairly safe and Giardia can be moved to people. Even if just one of your cats exhibits Giardia symptoms, you should treat every feline and canine in your family. Numerous cats infected with the parasite do not show signs, but still can shed cysts. Due to the fact that Giardia cysts can remain on Kitty’s coat after Panacur treatment, you ought to offer him and your other cats a bath. That should be fun. If cat bathing is something you cannot deal with, take Kitty to a groomer to do the deed.


Panacur is safe for pregnant cats and can prevent giardia from infecting the kittycats. A second dose must be administered after the kittycats are born. Panacur can be found in three kinds, oral suspension, granule, and paste kind. Oral suspension is most commonly used. Listen carefully to the dosage instructions supplied by your vet. Panacur is not a one time dosage. Period depends on the parasites that are being dealt with and the severity of the problem. Panacur is typically given in three dosages. It is very important to complete out the prescription for the total removal of giardia.

Panacur (Fenbendazole) is dosed at 23 mg/lb (50 mg/kg) daily for 5 days For Giardia.

How to Prevent

If you’ve handled to get rid of Giardia, you want to keep it from returning. Keep cats indoors, and make certain any new cat or dog entering your family has actually been treated with Panacur and bathed before entering into the menagerie. Keep litter boxes scrupulously clean. Ask your veterinarian about a safe disinfectant to clean areas frequented by your pets.

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  1. Katy_Smith

    Giardia is disgusting. My friend’s cat Lucy had one some time ago. She’s been having a diahrrea and my friend and I thought that it was a simple stomach upset or something… We did go to the vet just to make sure and thank the Lord that we did. This parasite had been feeding off Lucy for a while so the veterinarian prescribed some Panacur to treat our poor Lucy. She got better in no time, so this drug really does help.

  2. Killer_Frost

    Well, that is convenient. If u have a parasite sitting inside ur feline u can just get some magical drug to get rid of it xD don’t even need a surgery or anything like that to extract the damn giardia. Pure magic of the medicine 🙂

  3. Imane Al-Maghribī

    I’ve once seen a story on the TV about a cat who was a host for Giardia. They made sound way more severe there than it is described here. Plus, I don’t remember them using this drug named Panacur. Maybe it wouldn’t have been as severe if they used it, who knows…