Dogs mark for various reasons. Unfortunately, once they start it can quickly become a pattern – urinating small amounts in very specific areas around the house.
My Dog Started Peeing in the House
The best solution for dog owners is not to keep dogs in the house.
Black-capped Conure - walking like a boss
Black-Capped Conure
The black-capped conure is among the tiniest of the conure parrots, and is one
The cat is trying to pee for a long time
A cat can’t pee: what to do?
Failure to empty the intestines or bladder for a pet can have serious consequences,
Is the kitten a boy or a girl?
How to determine the sex of a kitten
Determine the sex of a kitten at 2-3 months can be determined by the
Dog Keeps Licking Paw
Why Does My Dog Lick and Chew His Feet?
Is It Normal? Lots of owners observe this typical habits in their dogs and
pulled muscle in dogs leg
Muscle Tear in Dogs
A typical muscle can be extended, pinched, or hurt directly, leading to fiber disruption,
Cat and head pressing
Head Pressing in Cats
If you have observed your cat displaying habits called head pressing, it is necessary
food for cats with diabetes
Best Food For Diabetic Cats
According to a study, diabetes in cats is the most common metabolic disease! Between
Best Food for Outdoor Dogs: Feeding Advices
Best Food for Outdoor Dogs: Feeding Advices
A comprehensive guide to dog nutrition in questions and answers How much food should
How to help a cat in a hot weather
How to Help a Cat in the Summer Heat
Hot weather is a challenge not only for people, but also for pets. When
the cat meows patiently at the door
Why a cat meows for no reason
Some house cats are real lovers of “chatting” with the owner. They can purr,
A difficult choice for a Maine Coon kitten - to eat or not to eat
What to feed a Maine Coon: kitten at 2, 3, 4 months, adult
Feeding the Maine Coon – a very important issue for the health of these
Dog Scratching Carpet
Dog Scratching Carpet
When the dog is scratching the carpet, this is considered a devastating habits and
Do cats know their name?
Do cats know their name?
If you call your dog by name, he’ll respond to you cheerfully, wagging his
How to insert a chip into the cat's withers
Chipping cats
And such a pet is scary to lose: in order to find your favorite
Dandruff on cat's back due to poor diet
Cat has dandruff on his back
Sometimes the owner, showing affection to his fluffy pet notices that in the hair
the cat was brought to the vet
Signs and treatment of liver disease in cats
One of the most common reasons for going to the vet are problems with
Learning to bathe a cat
How to bathe a cat
Following the rules of hygiene of the pet is a guarantee of its health.
One cat's eye is watering
The cat’s eyes are watering and squinting
Often cat owners have this problem: watery discharge begins to appear from the eyes
a kitten bites a man's foot
Causes of cat biting his owner’s feet and legs: what it means and what to do
Cats have an extremely developed hunting instinct. When a cat is inside the house
dog not eating
What causes dogs to stop eating but remain active
Dog not eating well, but active: the reasons and what to do. The situation
A deaf kitten is often white with blue eyes
How do I know if my kitten is deaf?
Hearing loss in cats can be unilateral or bilateral. If deafness is expressed only
21 reasons why your cat bites you when you pet it
Why does my cat bite when I pet him?
Some people think that cats rarely or hardly bite, but everyone who has pets
Why does my dog's hair fall out?
Hair loss in dogs
Seasonal shedding in animals and dogs in particular is natural and “by the book”
When do cats stop growing?
When do kittens stop growing?
When do cats stop growing? In the case of dogs, everything is more or
The dog ate a plastic bag
What should I do if my dog eats a plastic bag?
Most dogs are excessively curious, especially young dogs. Often they “taste” everything they come
Cat licks
Why Does My Cat Lick Me?
Does your cat lick you? Hands, feet, and even your face? Let’s find out
Coughing up blood in dogs
Dog coughing up blood
Hemoptysis is a disease characterized by expectoration of blood from the respiratory tract. The
Swallowing disorder in dogs
Dog has difficulty swallowing – Dysphagia
Swallowing disorder in dogs (dysphagia) is difficulty swallowing.
cutting guinea pig nails
How to Clip Guinea Pig’s Nails?
Here are some pointers on how to cut guinea pig nails! Your guinea pig
What About Tylenol for Dogs?
Over-the-Counter Pain Relief for Dogs
When your pet is in pain, it is very difficult to watch and listen
weight loss in cats
Weight Loss in Cats
Weight loss is not a disease in itself, but a sign of an underlying
Puppy Throwing Up Food
Puppy Throwing Up
If your puppy is vomiting and it goes on for a day or more,
How to Tell if a Dog Has Worms: Signs You Should Know
How to Tell if a Dog Has Worms
Worms are one of the most common illness for dogs. There are five types
Mucus in a dog’s feces
As a rule, a small amount of mucus in your dog’s feces does not
Heavy or rapid breathing in a dog
If your dog is breathing heavily or wheezing, it may be a symptom of
Red-eared Slider Turtles Care and Feeding Tips
Red-eared Slider Turtles Care and Feeding Tips
The taxonomic name for the Red-eared Slider is Chrysemys scripta elegans (formerly Trachemys scripta
Yellow-Bellied Sliders
Yellow-Bellied Sliders
Yellow-bellied sliders (Trachemys scripta scripta) are aquatic turtles. This suggests they spend the majority
anesthesia dog side effects
Side Effects of Anesthesia on Dogs
Anesthesia in dogs is widely used for necessary surgery, but anesthesia has its own
Cat Peeing on Floor: What You Can Do
Cat Peeing on Floor
First of all, you have to pull yourself together and face the truth: cat
Common reasons that dogs vomit include eating indigestible substances that upset their stomach or even overindulging right before a tough workout (On image: dogs throwing up yellow foam)
Dog Throw Up Yellow Foam or Bile
Reasons, on which dog vomiting yellow foam or bile can be several. Many reasons
best food for home cat
Best Food for Cats in 2022
Choosing the right food for a cat will help make it and your life
Cat Teeth Falling Out: What Does It Mean and What You Should Do?
Cat Teeth Falling Out
When cat teeth are falling out, it is typically a cause for major issue
horner's syndrome dogs
Horner’s Syndrome in Dogs
Is your dog’s eye all of a sudden looking weird? Perhaps your dog’s eye
Canine Hookworms
Hookworms in Dogs
Parasites are unpleasant, and hookworms are no exception. These nasty little worms can do