How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over

how to teach a dog to roll over

Have you ever before seen a dog roll over on sign? It’s quite cute. Would not you like it if your dog could do that also? The good news is that you could find out how to educate your dog to surrender. With a little work, your dog will certainly be the life of the party!

“Roll over” is an adorable and also enjoyable method to teach your dog. Before you begin, your dog should currently have the ability to sit as well as rest on command. It is a little more difficult to teach your dog to surrender than it is to teach him some other commands, yet with a little perseverance, your dog will certainly be surrendering prior to you understand it.

What You Need to Train Roll Over

You will certainly need a handful of treats as well as a soft area for your dog to exercise surrendering. Clicker training is a fantastic method to train your dog to roll over. If you plan on using this technique, make certain to have your remote control accessible.

How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over

Start training your dog to roll over by giving him the “down” command. When he is resting, the following step is to get him to start to roll. Hold a treat by his nose, and then pull the treat from the suggestion of his nose towards his shoulder. Your dog ought to turn his go to follow the treat. If he does, you could continuously pull the treat around his shoulder so he will need to relax on his side to follow it. Continue holding the treat close to your dog’s nose, and draw everything the means around so he’ll have to roll completely over to follow it. If he finishes the complete roll, commend him or click your remote control and provide him a treat.

Simplify right into Smaller Parts

While it would be wonderful if your dog rolled over simultaneously, most individuals find that their dog is not transforming all the way around to follow the treat on the first try. Your dog may raise, shake, or relocate his head around to the opposite side to aim to get the treat. If this holds true with your dog, you could damage his training into smaller sized parts.

With your dog lying down, hold a treat at your dog’s nose as well as relocate towards his shoulder. The moment he transforms his head, click or applaud him and give him a treat. Exercise this numerous times up until he’s constantly transforming his head.

Next off, stop giving your dog a treat for every head turn. Offer treats just for the head turns that bring him closest to pushing his side. Next, only provide your dog praise and also a treat when he’s lying on his side completely. This way, you can gradually choose the behaviors that come closest to surrendering, with each new actions bringing him closer to entirely surrendering. When you’re able to get your dog into his back, it’s fairly easy to draw him over to his opposite side as well as right into a resting or standing setting by holding the treat before his nose.


If your dog is making a great deal of errors, such as jumping up or transforming his head in the opposite instructions, you might be moving ahead also rapidly. Go back a step or two to when your dog was doing well, as well as start to slowly build him back up to a complete roll over.

Some dogs can be resistant to pushing their backs and revealing their tummies. In this instance, make sure your dog knows that training is just enjoyable and also games.

If he takes pleasure in belly massages, damage his belly, and click or praise as well as provide him a treat whenever he offers you his belly. Make certain to keep your voice light as well as positive. Take a deep breath as well as kick back. This can take some time, yet there’s absolutely nothing to be emphasized around.

It’s additionally crucial to keep training sessions short as well as positive. Training sessions that are also lengthy tend to become frustrating for both you and your dog. Maintain training to about 10 minutes each time, as well as try to finish each session on a favorable note.

Include the Roll Over Command

When educating your dog to roll over, it’s often simplest to include the command when your dog is continually rolling right over. Once he’s efficiently complying with the treat and also rolling over each time, it’s time to include the command. Hold the treat in front of him, give the command “surrender,” and also tempt him over with the treat.

Practice this over several training sessions.

Stop Using the Treat to Lure Your Dog to Roll Over

The final step in showing your dog to roll over is to quit using deals with to lure him into the roll. When your dog has rolled over after hearing the command a variety of times, start off by offering the command as well as waiting a couple of seconds. Some dogs catch on quickly, and also will certainly surrender immediately. As soon as he has actually surrendered totally, click or commend and also offer a treat.

If your dog does not quickly respond to the command, you can eliminate the treat extra slowly. Beginning by giving your dog the command “roll over,” and use the treat to draw him component of the way over. Relocate the treat away from him as soon as he remains in movement. Slowly reduce how much you entice him with each training session. The majority of dogs catch on rapidly, as well as will soon be dropping into a roll on your command.

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