How to Harden a Dog’s Stool

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Firm dog stools are an excellent indicator of your pup’s intestinal health. From what to consume to supplements, here are the best ways to tighten your dog’s poop.

Firm dog stools are a fantastic indicator of your pup’s intestinal health. From what to consume to supplements, here are the best ways to tighten your dog’s poop.

Let it not be stated that this column does not bring you the straight poop! Taking that pledge very literally, let’s take on today’s topic: company dog stools.

Put another way, we’re talking simple methods you can help your dog get his bowel movement.

The quality of a dog’s stool is an excellent indication of gastrointestinal health, so when things turn runny and malodorous, it’s time to give Spot something to tame his upset tummy. Whatever’s ailing your poor dog’s digestion- whether it’s an unidentified edible thing s/he got off the street or the unfortunate adverse effects of prescription medication– can typically be remedied with minor dietary modification. The best part is, what works for dogs likewise works for us human animals- so keep this list handy the next time you experience gastric discomfort.

The Best Food to Harden Dog Stools

This band need dog poop hardener
This band need dog poop hardener

Years of evaluating and scooping dog poop (not to discuss cleaning it off of every possible surface area) have qualified me to make a list of stool firmer-uppers. And at the top of that list is a pumpkin.

1. Canned pumpkin

Canned pumpkin — the exact same stuff used as the primary active ingredient of pumpkin pie — is readily available at any grocery store. The good Libby’s brand works fine (unless, obviously, you need to have natural, in which case you’ll have to look a bit harder, but more and more supermarkets bring an excellent brand name called Farmer’s Market, which is certified natural by Oregon Tilth; the business also makes a devoted pumpkin product for dogs called Nummy Tum-Tum).

A few tablespoons of this creamy, orange things, added to your dog’s food, will help soothe indigestion and company up his poop wonderfully. There’s no need to heat it up or do anything else to it — it was already pre-cooked and prepared to serve. And most dogs like the taste, however, if you want to make pumpkin extra-palatable, add a dash of ground cinnamon.

Whenever a new rescue dog concerns me having consumed a diet of questionable quality — frequently, I do not even understand the brand or taste of food s/he was on — I make sure to include pumpkin to his regimen. What works to firm up Spot’s stool is pumpkin’s high dietary fiber content. But considering pumpkin’s many other health advantages, you may want to consider making it a staple of your dog’s diet, especially if you have a senior dog.

Pumpkin is abundant in beta-carotene, which safeguards against cardiovascular disease, controls blood sugar level, and decreases the seriousness of osteoarthritis. Plus, the beta-carotene in pre-cooked canned pumpkin is more bio-available than the beta-carotene in fresh pumpkin, so your dog’s body can absorb and process it more effectively.

2. Canned dog food

Another primary way to firm up a dog’s stool is to feed him canned dog food. This comes in particularly convenient when you’re switching a dog’s diet. Something about the soft, wet food makes it much more comfortable on a dog’s digestion than hard, dry kibble. So, even if you ultimately plan to feed your dog specifically kibble, feeding canned food for a couple of days first will undoubtedly help reduce the shift, cut down on K9 flatulence, and make cleanup much easier on you.

What Else Results in Firm Dog Stools?

dog food for firm stool

1. Pet Dophilus

Another staple of my company dog stool arsenal is powdered acidophilus. I use Pet Dophilus by Jarrow, the same brand I take every day, and have actually discovered that hiding the powder in a big dog’s canned food at every meal works marvels to firm up even the softest stool. You can likewise stir the powder in and include cinnamon to “sweeten” the taste. Just as they carry out in human beings, the probiotics work to bring back balance to the dog’s intestinal flora, so his digestive system can deal with any dietary change.

2. SeaCure

Lastly, SeaCure is an extremely technique in the battle versus doggie diarrhea. It’s a powdered supplement made from ocean fish (Whiting captured in the Pacific Northwest, to be precise), so it has a pungent fishy odor that many dogs find tempting. The amino acids and peptides in the fish protein work questions to right any digestion incorrect, in human beings along with canines. This extraordinary stuff is hydrolyzed (i.e., pre-digested), so it relieves even the most irritated intestinal tracts, and it can be found in powdered and chewable tablet form.

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