How Long Does a Female Dog in Heat Bleed?

An important note for dog owners

If you have a female young puppy, you’ll have to be prepared for her estrus cycle. It resembles a woman’s menstrual cycle other than that it only takes place two times a year. She can enter heat from as early as 6 months, so keep an eye out for the signs. Stopping the heat cycle has health advantages for your dog.

When Dogs Come into Heat?

Your dog can come into her first heat whenever between 6 and 24 months. Inning accordance with, lap dogs come into heat quicker than larger types. Generally she will have two estrus cycles, or heats up, a year, and every one lasts for between 18 to 24 days. She is most likely to show signs that her heat will start by modifications in her habits. You might compare this with the type of emotional ups and downs women go through month-to-month right before menstruation. A few of the signs are an increased holding on to you, restlessness and abrupt signs of inflammation with other pets. She will also start licking her vulva frequently. The seasonal timing of the 2 estrus cycles is normally between January and March and August to October.

Bleeding Stage in Female Dogs – How Long?

The estrus cycle has four stages. The first stage is called proestrus. This lasts approximately 10 days and it is throughout this stage that your dog will bleed from the vaginal area. This is your dog’s preparation for pregnancy stage, but she will not want to mate with a male throughout this time. As a family pet owner there are a couple of ways you can deal with the bleeding and keep your home clean. Your dog will clean herself, but you might find that blood spots get sprayed everywhere if she shakes her body, or you’ll find a trail of spots around the house. If you reside in a home with wood or marble floor covering, it is simple enough to keep a mop and bucket on hand to clean it up. You should put towels down for her, especially if she is permitted to rest on your furniture. You can also purchase diapers for dogs, or make your own with disposable infant training trousers and cut a hole for her tail.

Table of heat stages in dogs
Proestrus (First Stage)Your dog bleeds during the proestrus stage of its cycle, which generally lasts about 7 to 10 days. You may discover that your dog urinates more and its vulva is swollen. If your dog has a heavy bleeding flow, you can visit your regional family pet shop and purchase dog panties that have special feminine napkins in them.
Estrus (Second Stage)The estrus stage, which is when your dog wants to breed, generally lasts five to nine days. You might observe that when you touch your dog’s back, it stands still and moves its tail to the side. If you do not desire your dog to reproduce, you need to keep close tabs on it during this stage to guarantee it doesn’t seek out or bring in a mate.
Diestrus (Third Stage)During the diestrus stage, which typically lasts six to 10 weeks, your dog reveals couple of outward signs of the cycle. Whatever that happens throughout this stage is all internal; a great deal of ovarian activity takes place. One outward indication that your dog may reveal is a false pregnancy.
Anestrus (Final Stage)This is the duration between your dog’s heat cycle. It lasts about 15 weeks, during which there is no hormone activity and the dog is not going to mate.

Right Time for Mating

The next stage is called the estrus, and this lasts in between 5 and 9 days. This is the challenging time when your dog is prepared to mate with any male, and every male in the community is trying to get to her. If you do not desire her to mate, you will need to keep her firmly in your house. If you let her out in the backyard, don’t leave her on her own or she may discover an escape route under or over the fence. The diestrus stage follows this whether she gets pregnant or not, and lasts about six to 10 weeks. During this time the uterus walls thicken and some dogs might have a false pregnancy during this time. One indication of this are enlarged mammary glands and she may even produce milk. The anestrus stage lasts for about 15 weeks. During this time your dog will have no interest in breeding, nor will she show any signs of hormone modifications, up until she reaches her next proestrus.

A Lifetime Of Heat

Your female dog will go through estrus cycles for the rest of her life. There is no such thing as a dog menopause, although as they age the bleeding, or estrus, phase extends. Purifying your female young puppy avoids her from going through the estrus cycle. mentions that there is no excellent health factor for enabling a female to go through heat or have one litter of young puppies. It includes that there many health advantages to having your dog made sterile prior to her first heat, such as avoiding mammary cancer and uterine infections. Likewise, decreasing her desire to mate stops her from running off and risking injury through a road accident.

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