Why Do Dogs Lick Faces?

Dog ready to lick you

Licking human faces is a common and functional dog behavior. Licking is an instinctive canine behavior that dogs use to communicate with people and other animals. When your dog licks your face, he might be aiming to send you a message, collect info about you, keep you clean, or he might simply delight in the enjoyable experience of licking.

Love and Respect

Your dog loves you. Licking to show love is a functional behavior that puppies gain from their mother and littermates. Maternal licking and licking amongst littermates assists reinforce family bonds. A dog licking your face is revealing his love for you and attempting to reinforce the familial bond he has with you. Your dog respects you. Dogs are innately pack animals that follow an established social order. Wild dogs use face licking to interact respect for and submission to their pack leader. When your dog licks your face, he might be interacting that he acknowledges you as the dominant pack leader.


Your dog is hungry. Dogs in some cases use licking to interact that they are hungry. Pups lick their mothers’ lips to promote a regurgitation reflex so they can eat the food their moms vomit. Like their wolf forefathers, wild dogs lick the pack leader’s face as a way of asking for food. If your dog licks your face around feeding time, he might be letting you know that he is all set to eat.

Getting Information

Your dog wonders about how you are feeling. Dogs have unique receptors in the nose and mouth which they use to procedure and translate the aromatic molecules found in human sweat. By licking your face, your dog may have the ability to identify whether you more than happy or feeling stressed.


Your dog wishes to make sure you are clean. Dogs naturally lick to clean themselves or their littermates. If your dog licks your face typically, he may be grooming you to assist keep you clean.


Your dog thinks you taste good. Human sweat has a salted taste that some dogs take pleasure in. When your dog licks your face, he might merely be taking pleasure in the saltiness of your skin.


Your dog wants to lick. The act of licking releases satisfying endorphins in dogs and often provides a sense of comfort and security. Your dog may lick your face simply because it feels good.


While lots of dog fans do not mind and may even enjoy having dogs lick their faces, some dogs can get brought away with face licking. Identify how you feel about your dog licking human faces then train him to stay within the limits you set.

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