Why Does Dogs Eat Dirt?


The technical term for this is ‘Pica’ which is defined as ‘the consuming of non-food items’. Causes for pica can be similar to that of coprophagia (consuming feces), and can range from normal exploration to actual medical condition (fortunately, less likely).

Why Does Dogs Eat Dirt?

Young dogs typically go through a stage of expedition and as part of this put lots of various things in their mouths to chew. Young puppies simply enjoy to chew everything! And sometimes this can include things that are even less desirable than your shoes!

The most essential tip for young puppies showing this habits, is not to penalize the act, but rather provide alternative things to chew and have fun with. Positive reinforcement of excellent behaviours always sticks with your dog much better than penalty of the bad. This has been shown in lots of dog behavioural studies.

When we think about the important things that our dogs enjoy in basic, it may start to make a bit more sense why they may be thinking about eating dirt. “Dogs prefer to dig into and take in all type of smelly, pungent things, like garbage, kitty litter and bathroom tissue,” states Dr. Oscar E. Chavez, BVetMed, MRCVS, MBA. “For these dogs, dirt is a delicacy and they are eating it merely since that’s what they like to do.”

There can be a couple of other causes of pica, such as easy monotony or the truth your dog likes the taste. Resolving the dullness with regular exercise, toys, digging pits and great deals of love can in some cases solve the issue. It can likewise be because of behavioral issues such as attention looking for behavior, a rare compulsive disorder condition or generalised stress and anxiety.

Medical problems such as anemia, malnutrition or malabsorption, endocrine disease and bowel conditions are unusual causes of pica. Dietary deficiency is another unusual cause and most commercial family pet foods are stabilized for the needs of your family pet.

Dogs that are on medications that increase appetitie can also have this problem.

Always guarantee your dog is wormed frequently, both to avoid the problem starting and to treat GI parasitism that can arise from regular coprophagia.

It is best to prevent dogs from consuming dirt, as although it is not likely to cause a major concern, there can be chemicals within dirt that can be possibly damaging. Slug bait is among the more typical ones.

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