Why Do Dogs Bury Food and Other Things?


Dog owners have wondered for several years why their four-legged buddies are continuously burying their favorite toys, or perhaps some of the treats you provide. It’s an olden concern, with an answer that goes back simply as far! Whether your dog is outside digging every opportunity he gets or just waiting till the right moment, it’s absolutely nothing to be fretted about. It can be frustrating – not to mention untidy – but it’s perfectly normal.

Why Do Dogs Bury Food and Other Things?

A dog’s desire to bury his food and toys is rooted in impulse. Just like his ancestors, your dog is trying to secure and protect his cherished product. In the wild, dogs and other canids never ever knew when their next meal was going to come, so they would bury what they didn’t end up consuming to safeguard it from scavengers. Later, when they were hungry again, they understood just where to look for a simple snack – in the spot they buried it! Furthermore, burying food typically maintained meat and bones and kept them fresh and yummy. With their outstanding sense of odor, it’s no surprise that dogs can discover food they buried deep into the ground days earlier.

If your dog is tired, lonely, or just wants to get your attention, it’s not uncommon for them to bury things to get you to “play” with them. Frequently, these taken products will be glossy things like jewelry or watches, or things they understand are “important” to you, like shoes or TV remotes.

If you have a dog that just enjoys to bury his toys and food, he might actually be telling you you’re being too generous. Dogs that do not eat their deals with, but bury them rather, are displaying the specific same habits their ancestors did – they’re conserving extra food for later. If you offer your dog treats frequently, he most likely isn’t extremely starving and prepares to return to his snack when he is! The same goes for toys or other objects. Some dogs are more greedy than others and prefer to keep their prize ownerships in a secret location. This location, usually, is probably under the dirt in your yard! It’s not unprecedented for dogs to gather and bury other items too, such as jewelry and television remotes.

Burying can be rather a problem for dog owners, but it’s healthy behavior on the dog’s part. Some owners have actually dealt with the issue by teaching their dogs to conceal toys under sofas or inside blankets. In truth, they’ve even made games from the need to bury. Not only have they taught the dog where it’s appropriate to hide something, they’ve taught which items are suitable to hide. It’s best not to let your pup bury food, due to the fact that he might consume it later when it’s gone rancid and become ill. People items like fashion jewelry can likewise be dangerous if your dog later on consumes them – not to mention you lose your stunning pendant! So if you’ve got a dog that’s continuously burying products, ensure you aren’t offering a lot of deals with or toys, and think about attempting to teach your dog to hide his things in an appropriate location in your house.

The best method to curb this desire to bury things is to minimize your dog’s access to the objects they yearn for and rotate toys to supply range. If you have trouble stopping your dog from burying things outside, talk to your vet. Why? Because the chemicals that much of us use in our yards can be a health threat that gives her diarrhea or an indigestion.



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