Dog Toys: What Are There?

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Nowadays, in any pet store you can find a huge variety of toys, including the so-called “smart” toys. These are unusual toys most often aimed at getting food. So what are they for and how many different types there are?

What for?

Dog toys affect two aspects:

  • the employment of the dog during your absence or when you are busy
  • physical and mental development

The first point helps the dog fight boredom when the owner is busy or absent. This is especially important for puppies who can hardly tolerate separation from the owner and loneliness. 

As for the second point, the use of educational toys for dogs has a beneficial effect on several aspects of the animal’s life at once:

  • support of physical activity, helps the dog to strengthen muscles, jaws, improves reaction and endurance and coordination.
  • stimulates mental activity, allows the dog to show intelligence, perseverance and ingenuity.

What are they?

All toys that can be found in an ordinary pet store are categorized and well-described.

Stuffed toys

They are suitable for puppies and most decorative dog breeds. They are designed to calm or warm the baby and become a faithful friend for him even during periods of absence of the owner, which is why dogs often carry them with them to a bowl or tray.

Rubber and silicone toys

Also suitable for puppies, especially during the growth of teeth. Allows you to develop a grip and satisfy the need for chewing, which will save your furniture and belongings.

Training toys 

Various balls, rings and ropes for pulling. Needed for joint play, endurance training and simple activity. It can not only entertain your dog, but also bond you with your pet. Some toys are designed for special dog sports, for example. 

Toys and devices for training

Various products to train the dog to bring and search for objects or, for example, to swim. Some products have been designed to interrupt or deter undesirable behavior. However, the primary goal of training should always be to encourage the desirable behaviour, rather than to punish the undesirable.


Exactly those that were discussed above. Basically, these are various puzzles: labyrinths, systems with rotating planes, rolling balls and opening lids. The dog needs to solve them in order to get the treat.

To choose the right toy for your dog, you will need to try different toys, for a start without sharp edges and without a pungent smell.

Good luck!

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