Dog Eye Infection Remedies


To say that dogs are susceptible to eye infections is an understatement. When they have actually got their entire face lodged in a hole in the ground a number of times a day, the possibility for a dog eye infection has to do with as most likely as lawn growing in the summer season.

Eye infections are not much cause for worry, but they can be a bit of a problem. A dog that paws at his eyes or scratches it against surfaces can make the infection intensify. Sometimes there may be no symptoms of a dog eye infection at all. Once you’ve diagnosed the infection, there are things you can do at home to reduce the discomfort and get your dogs head back in a hole in no time.

Causes of Eye Infection in Dogs

The most typical causes for eye infections originate from bacteria that get in and around the eye. Other causes can be infections, injury or allergies to numerous products in the environment. Despite the factor your dog has an eye infection, natural home remedy can be a catch-all service when they have begun to exhibit the symptoms of an eye infection.

Home Remedies for Eye Infection in Dogs

Natural remedies are great way to get cost reliable relief for your dog. They don’t take much time to prepare and they have a history of being effective. These remedies are non-harmful to your dog, supplied that they are not allergic to any of the components.

Saline Solution for Eye Infections

This solution is so popular it is used all over the world to reduce various medical problems, and it can do wonders for your pooch too. Gently sprinkle some of this service onto your dog’s eye before you begin to wipe. Mix a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and use a cotton ball to clean away any discharge or debris you see.

Curing a Dog Eye Infection with Home Remedies

Chamomile Tea for Canine Eye Infection

Exists anything it can’t do? Well, here’s another one to contribute to the list. Prepare a mug of tea and let it steep for a few minutes. After it has cooled enough to be just warm to the touch, remove the tea bag. You can use the tea bag straight on your dog’s eye to reduce the infection. You can use this technique a few times a day until the infection has actually passed away off.


Vitamin A, C and bioflavinoids can improve the recovery time from an infection. You can discover these supplements at pet supermarket. These supplements likewise have properties that can increase your dog’s immune system and prevent the capacity for an additional break out of an eye infection. As a basic rule, pick a supplement that has a low number of ingredient names, and ensure those ingredient names are pronounceable. This will ensure that your dog is not consuming anything that might provide a negative response.

Super Solution

In a cup you can include 10 drops of red clover, chamomile, St. John’s wort, eyebright or calendula. Add one cup of distilled or filtered water and 1 tsp of salt. Use this service to wash out the dog’s eye with an eyedropper 2-3 times a day. This will help in reducing the inflammation and inflammation of the dog eye infection, promoting a better recovery procedure.

A Note on Home Remedies

These home remedies for dog eye infection are not guaranteed to work for your pooch. The active ingredients themselves are natural and are not likely to produce any unfavorable results, but if your dog is allergic to any of these products you may see a reaction. Constantly seek the recommendations of your veterinarian before attempting any remedies at home.

Some dog eye infections may have gone past the point of home remedies and might need medical attention. If there is yellow pus or blood oozing from the eye you should make a journey to the vet. A dog that is lethargic or does not have a hunger, cannot open their eye or has contracted the infection from any type of injury requires a trip to the veterinarian, as well.

If you notice that any of these remedies are ineffective and no difference is observed within a few days, connect to your veterinarian on the next actions.


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