Why Does My Dog Eat Toilet Paper?

Dog Eat Toilet Paper

You may ask who in their right mind would eat tissue paper. Your pup’s counterclaim would be among those exaggerated canine sighs. As revolting as tissue paper may sound to you, some dogs have nothing better to do, while others chomp down out of worry or obsession.


All dogs need physical and psychological stimulation, especially more youthful canines. If they don’t have a great deal of toys to have fun with or methods to empty their energy reserves, tissue paper looks magnificent inviting to them. Tossing a ball with your little lady or taking an everyday stroll with her around the area can cut down on her tissue eating entirely, if it originates from dullness. Leaving a treat dispenser lying around and giving her a great choice of toys can dissuade her from glancing her head into the bathroom and ruining your last roll of bathroom tissue while you’re away.

She Just Can’t Help it

Everybody has those frustrating practices that seem compulsive, like nail biting. Dogs can act the exact same method. Packing her belly filled with tissues or toilet paper might not be the best snack in your pup’s mind, however it’s simply something she needs to do. Frequently, compulsive behavior happens since of a certain stimulus. Sometimes it occurs due to the fact that of relatively nothing at all. If something is triggering her to eat tissue paper, attempt counter conditioning her to react favorably to the stimulus versus scarfing down unhealthy quantities of paper. Let’s state she’s afraid of thunder. Attempt playing thunder-like noises on your computer with the volume turned way down. When the sounds play and she doesn’t end up being anxious, pop a treat in her mouth. Keep showing up the volume up until she recognizes thunder is the entrance to deals with and awesomeness. If nothing in specific is triggering her compulsive habits, teach her the “leave it,” and “drop it” commands, and get her attention far from the paper when she will chow down.

Separation Anxiety

Some dogs can’t handle the scary of being left on their own. Damage generally occurs, from tearing up the carpet to chewing themselves nonstop. If your pup has separation stress and anxiety, she likely will do more than only eat tissue paper. If she’s just eating a bit of paper and chewing a couple of other items, a treat dispenser may discourage her adequate till you return, if you leave for just an hour approximately. If she’s making herself bleed by chewing her skin, or trying to break out of her crate when you leave, visit your veterinarian. Moderate to severe separation stress and anxiety requires a lot more than just a treat dispenser, however you can get your furry friend back on the roadway to recovery.

The Joys of Puppyhood

If the tissue paper predator is a puppy who hasn’t yet crossed that barrier into adulthood, hang onto your seat for a little while longer. Puppies often see even the most ordinary things as the best chew toys worldwide, so yours might choose to unravel a roll of bathroom tissue or pluck a couple tissues from the box. When you catch her, state, “ah” sharply, and give her a toy to play with rather. Remember to give her great deals of workout and playtime too.

Blocking off Access and Crating

The simplest way of stopping your conniving dog from making a plan to eat your tissue paper is to prevent her from doing so completely. This is valuable especially for puppies and those who eat paper compulsively. Shut the door to your restroom and move tissues up high where even a jumping pup cannot reach them. If your pup isn’t struggling with separation anxiety, or if she is but doesn’t aim to injure herself while crated, keeping her in a cage when you leave is an ideal solution. Reduce her into the dog crate, making it a good experience. You do not want her to be scared of it or think it’s punishment.


Over question “is it safe for a dog to eat toilet paper?” If your dog is consuming large amounts of paper products, there is the prospective the might clog up his intestines or choke. The other issue is if the item has dyes or synthetic aromas on them. I had a client with a golden retriever who ripped open a piece of mail that had a fishing fly within. He had to have major surgery to remove the hook. Luckily for him, he survived the experience.

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