Crusty Eyes in Guinea Pig


Eye infections or problems refers to a variety of issues that impact a guinea pigs eye or eyes. This might vary from a scratched cornea, corneal ulcer, infection, or even more primary tumors. The symptoms may include crusty eye (or both eyes), but all range depending upon the type of problem. As soon as diagnosed, treatments will differ considerably.

Symptoms of Eye Problem in Guinea Pig

Eye problems in guinea pigs can be tough to diagnose. The most common signs and symptoms are:

  • Cloudiness or soreness in the eye
  • Frequent pawing or scratching at the eye
  • Keeping an eye closed
  • Crusty eye(-s)
  • Inflammation or discharge from the eye
  • Consistent tearing
  • Big bulges or masses

What Causes Crusty Eyes in Your Pet?

guinea pig crusty eyes

There are a variety of causes of eye issues in guinea pigs. Depending upon the symptom, there are some at home solutions that can work. If you notice any eye problems, it’s best to set up an appointment with your veterinarian. Eye concerns can be significant and if left neglected, could result in loss of sight.

Guinea Pig Eye Infections and Crusty Eyes

Irritation or exposure to excessive amounts of germs or fungal spores can cause your guinea pig’s eyes to become contaminated. These bacterial and fungal infections can impact one or both eyes and need to be treated with the proper anti-bacterial or antifungal medications to remove not only visual signs as crusty eyes but the disease itself as well. Your guinea pig might have loss of hair around the contaminated eye, inflammation called conjunctivitis, discharge, swelling, and even hold the infected eye shut.

Your exotics veterinarian might choose to treat the eye without obtaining a sample to culture first, but if the infection does not deal with, or if you want to do the best thing possible for your guinea pig, a bacterial and/or fungal culture needs to be gotten. The culture will tell your vet exactly what type of bacteria or fungi is growing around the eye and will enable them to select the proper treatment for your family pet. If your guinea pig has a great deal of discharge from the eye and it is crusting shut, you can utilize a warm, wet cloth to clean it up until you can see your veterinarian gently. Sometimes just cleaning out the eye makes a world of difference to your guinea pig. Once your guinea pig has been identified with an infection, take care to fully sterilize and clean their cage and all the aspects inside. This will eliminate any sticking around spores.

guinea pig crusty eyes

Real story: I discovered that my Guinea Pig has some crust or something around his right eye. He’s been roaring at my other piggy in the cage, and I’ve likewise seen that he has appeared to be protecting/comforting him.

How to Help to Your Guinea Pig with Crusty Eye?

Carefully wipe it with a warm moist fabric, and after that keep an eye on it. If it’s a whitish color, it may simply be the fluid they utilize to clean themselves with. One crusty eye, in the lack of any other symptoms, is unlikely to be a URI; however, you do require to view it.

Around the eye isn’t a place one would generally discover hair loss from mites. Lice tend to gather on the face, but mites loss of hair is typically on the trunk from what I have seen and heard.

Try to wear gloves when handling your pig and do not let her cuddle up to your face while you’re treating this.

You may do a fungal treatment and see what comes of it. There are different choices available to you. I believe that CP cleaned the area daily with Malaseb shampoo, then used an anti-fungal cream. She likewise may have washed him entirely as soon as a week in the Malaseb.

Moreover, there are oral treatments for fungi too. The program is normally used for ringworm.


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