The cat’s eyes are watering and squinting

Often cat owners have this problem: watery discharge begins to appear from the eyes or one of the eyes of the animal, but do not raise a panic prematurely. There are many reasons for tears, and it is not necessarily a serious illness.

Before examining your pet, you should wash your hands and carefully examine the condition of the eye. You may be able to diagnose it without having to go to the vet. So, one cat’s eye is watering, what to do, how to cure it?

A pet has watery eyes: causes

Tearfulness can occur both for natural reasons, and as a result of disease.

In the first case, tears from the eyes may appear:

One cat's eye is watering

  • After the furry animal wakes up. This is a normal reaction of the body. Traces of tears the cat removes itself by washing its muzzle. Kittens can wash the eye organs with a tampon moistened with boiled water.
  • If the cat belongs to a certain breed. Persian, British, Sphynx have tears and it is a peculiarity of the body. Persians are too fluffy, and doctors often diagnose the Sphynx breed with a disease called “eyelid congestion. The animal in such a case can only be cured by resorting to surgery.
  • If the cornea is covered with hair follicles. This symptom often occurs in long-haired, small raptors. The only remedy to help the cat is regular eye care.

In the second case, the cat may cry because of:

  • Mechanical damage, trauma. The pet can damage the eyelid, eye, cornea in a confrontation with another member of its breed, while playing, walking. A sharp blade of grass, a twig that scratches the eye can cause serious inflammation.
  • Foreign objects. A small dust particle, a piece of tree bark, a crumb of plastic is enough to cause an inflammatory process in the cat’s eye, eye squinting with watering. Treatment in such a case includes procedures for treatment with solutions from antibacterial preparations.
  • Burn. Curious animals often “stick their noses” into everything they discover at home. Aggressive household chemicals, solvent, wood polish can become a curiosity, resulting in a chemical burn. A pet can get a thermal burn from being interested in cooking in the kitchen.
  • Allergic reaction. Allergies – the scourge of the modern world, manifestations of allergies to various irritants are subject not only to people, but also animals.
  • Improper growth of eyelashes. Sometimes the cat has a pathology – the eyelashes grow incorrectly, causing the pet a lot of suffering: the eyelid is inflamed, tears are oozing continuously. In this case, the help of a veterinarian is required.
  • Helminth infestations. One of the signs of the disease is an increased secretion of tears.
  • Conjunctivitis. The infection is caused by chlamydia, only a veterinarian can cure a small raptor.
  • Colds. A cat often cries if it has a cold.

A cat has tears in one eye and squints it: normal or pathology?

The answer to the question depends on the breed of the animal, its general condition. The veterinarian will help clarify the cause.

A cat has water in one eye: what to do

Excessive production of tears from one eye requires immediate action by the host:

  • Evaluate the general condition. It is necessary to conduct a visual examination, measure temperature, body temperature, examine the cat for injuries.
  • Treatment of the affected eye with furacilin (solution), decoctions of medicinal herbs.
  • Visit a veterinary clinic.

A number of rules should be followed during treatment:

  • Carry out flushing of both the healthy and the affected eye organ.
  • Remove the allergen from the home if an allergic reaction is diagnosed.
  • When treating an infection, apply ointment to the eye twice a day.
  • If surgery was required, do not remove the cat’s special collar until it is completely healed.

Folk remedies

Medicines can be replaced by infusions and decoctions prepared from medicinal herbs:

  • Decoction of chamomile flowers.
  • Decoction of calendula flowers.
  • Infusion with St. John’s wort, sage.
  • Weak solution of manganese.
  • Infusion of green tea.

Preparations for the elimination of tearfulness

At home, it is possible to help by applying a number of means:

  • Furacilin solution for irrigation.
  • Drops based on levomycetin.
  • Ointments with an antibiotic.
  • Ointments with an antihistamine effect.


To ensure that the eyes of the fluffy animal were in good order, a number of preventive procedures should be carried out in a timely manner:

  • regular worming prophylaxis,
  • Visit a veterinarian,
  • Do not forget about hygienic procedures (brushing the hair, washing the eyes, cleaning the ears).

If there is increased eye watering, a visit to the veterinarian should be made to find out the cause of the ailment.

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