Cat Teeth Falling Out: What Does It Mean and What You Should Do?


When cat teeth are falling out, it is typically a cause for major issue to the owner. If a feline has teeth that are falling out, it can either be a totally normal process or one indicating that an underlying health condition exists. In order to figure out whether the issue is major or not, feline owners ought to first understand why a cat’s teeth might fall out and what indication to look for.

Cat Teeth Falling Out: What Does It Mean and What You Should Do?

Biology of Cat Teeth

Felines are biologically made with two sets of teeth: milk teeth and adult teeth. Kittens are born with their milk teeth, which enable them to latch onto the nipple and are only made to conveniently deal with mom’s milk. These teeth are hardly strong enough to chew food and normally fall out around 6 months of age. Most cat owners usually do not discover when a kitten’s milk teeth fall out since it’s normal for the kittycat to swallow them.

After the milk teeth have fallen out, a feline develops a new set of adult teeth. These teeth are created to chew dry food, bones, mice and other difficult form of nourishment. They are far more resilient in nature and will stay for the life of the cat.

In short, if you observe that your kittycat’s teeth are falling out, it is usually not a cause for concern or a condition that requires medical treatment.

Feline Dental Disease

Feline dental disease is a true medical condition and one of the leading causes of feline teeth falling out. It normally takes place as the outcome of tartar buildup on the teeth, which felines are really sensitive to and somewhat susceptible to. This tartar buildup often causes irritation of the gums, in turn triggering the root of the tooth to become exposed. Signs of feline dental disease include:

  • Red, irritated appearance of the gums
  • Bad breath
  • Rotten appearance of teeth

As the procedure of feline dental disease continues, it can cause decaying of the teeth. When the teeth have actually rotted beyond repair work, they often fall out, and this is often the first sign of feline dental disease that cat owners discover.

Age Progression

Other times, the cause of cat teeth falling out can simply be due to age progression, usually at the age of 10 years or more. When this happens, there normally aren’t other obvious signs other than the teeth actually falling out. Most older cats continue to eat usually and do not provide other indication to show a medical condition.

As a feline ages, the gums can end up being loose, simply as other systems of the body ended up being weaker as a result of age. The gums are made to be tight structures that hold both the root and the structure of the tooth securely in location, however as age development takes place and the gums end up being weaker, they may not be able to effectively hold the teeth in place, basically causing them to fall out.

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