Why Does My Cat Fart All the Time?

why does my cat fart all the time

Situation: My 2 months old female kitten farts all the time, a lot. I provide her wet and dry food from Royal Canin and no milk. I have had three felines in my time and none passed wind. I had them all from kittycats, and only this onne does this. She is bright-eyed, active, playful and affectionate. She has actually been dewormed and has no fleas. By the method, it’s really, actually smelly! What could be the problem?

Common Causes of Cat Farts a Lot and Smelly

His food digestion might be at fault but it’s more likely the food he’s being fed. The smell comes from gas produced by bacteria using the food he’s not digesting. Gas is a regular by-product of bacteria. Some bacteria are useful & usually found in the lower intestinal tracts of all mammals. However if the food isn’t really well matched for each kind of mammal, they may not absorb it well where case, other types of bacteria grow & use it instead.

Grains like wheat, corn, barley, etc aren’t well digested by stringent predators like cats. Cat food companies process the grain to make it more absorbable however felines never were meant to eat grains other than those found in their prey’s stomach.

I ‘d switch to an excellent quality (canned) kittycat food which is greater in protein. Add a little yoghurt or powder from an acidophilus capsule to his food to minimize the stinky gas-causing bacteria. A simple switch to better food may be all you that’s required.

It’s worth getting his stools looked for giardia (parasites) too.

What Other Cat Owners Say About Excessive Farting in Cats

  • When Duffy was a baby he had some really bad gas. Most likely a worried little tummy. He was a resuce feline and that might represent a few of the initial issues with gas. He’s now 6 yrs ols and the majority of the gas problems has actually stopped. Could be change in diet or stress. The very first time that we fulfilled Duffy, my hubby sat him in his lap and Duffy farted on him. It will probably get better however always to have a veterinarian examine it out.
  • Well, it depends on what you’re feeding him, or if he has some gastrointestinal insects like giardia or worms. If you are feeding him a high quality cat food with all the nutrients needed, he should be doing just great. It might be that he’s consuming something he should not. Watch to see if he consumes things outside or finds human food. If his stool is regular (dark chocolate brown, about the texture of a soft Tootsie Roll – I understand, gross, huh!) then chances are things are fine, and your feline is making gas out of what you’re feeding him. A progressive change to a various high quality cat food might suffice.
  • A round of excellent strong probiotics (at least a month) ought to assist put her gastrointestinal system back on track. Not pet probiotics but something good and strong produced people. The kind grown on goat milk seem to be rather yummy so sprinkling it on her food need to work.
  • Check the components on the food you’re feeding her, and if it has a great deal of grains and fiber, possibly you can lower or get rid of the high-grain formula.
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