My Cat Catches and Eats Flies

my cat catches and eats flies

Question: My cat likes to capture and eat flies. Should i be worried, and is this safe for the cat?

Answer: Standard houseflies aren’t much of a problem, plus how would you stop them from eating them? Or course if you have alot of them, you require some flypaper or something due to the fact that having alot of flies isn’t really safe for you either. However simply the amount that come standard with living in most areas should not posture a risk.

Some felines eat every bug that goes into your home.

Is It Dangerous for Your Cat to Eat Flies?

Well, consider a cat’s natural environment. If he (say it is a him) lives out in the wild what would he eat? Mice? Squirrels? Less revolting, however do they carry diseases also? Naturally they do. Despite the fact that it is disgusting and gross, your cat is created by nature to be a predator. It is in his instincts. The only reason why consuming mice can be unsafe is the fact that people toxin them to keep them far from their home and storage. A weak, dying mouse is a really simple target for a cat, and he will most likely capture and eat it. The toxin is not created to only kill mice and rats, it is fatal for our beloved pets, dogs or felines, too. This is something to stress over, and not the fly consuming.

Is Catching Flies Good for Your Cat?

Absolutely. What does your feline do when a fly remains in? Focuses. Excellent. It benefits cats to use their brains and enhance their senses. They likewise learn a few brand-new great moves. They learn how to leap, and to leap higher. They playing around, and running certainly burns some calories. Neutered, in-home felines can go lazy and place on some extreme weight which is a lot even worse for their total health, than the bacteria the fly carries.

Is This Entire Fly Thing Helpful for You?

All of us know the amusing sound they make when searching for flying prey. Think about it. You are smiling already. Imagine them running and jumping around. They stumble and fall and snap and meow, and meow harder, and the fly doesn’t care, and they use their paws. You are really burning 1.3 calories per minute while laughing at this.

Oh, and after an excellent searching session, they sleep for hours. They may let you sleep during the night as well (naaw, don’t truly get your hopes up).

Catholder’s Experience

  • My feline is very quick and catches flies in mid air. She gets one on occasion, but has never ever gotten sick from it. I do not know the number of flies your cat is eating, but I wouldn’t make a routine practice of it. If there are that numerous flies in your house, I would definitely learn why or how they are getting in the first place.
  • I do not stress about the flies however often I cannot assist but fret about the little spiders that are climbing up helplessly around on the floor.
  • I believe “normal” houseflies are probably fine for them to catch and eat.
  • I believe I had a couple of cluster flies enter my house. I discovered numerous of them in my garage by the door to your home. They were extremely sluggish, all crawling on the floor or the wall by the door – NONE were flying. After doing some research I believe they were cluster flies (and I believe they have a longer life expectancy too).
  • I think my cat consumed one (or possibly two) due to the fact that a week later on, all 8 of my indoor-only cats captured giardia. It’s the only description I can come up with. Giardia lives in filthy water. I live in the ‘burbs, never go hiking or to rivers, and my cats have never contracted this previously. Cluster flies can bring giardia and given that they’re probably easy to catch, this is the only method I can believe they caught the “bug” (pardon the pun). So simply be reasonably particular that you’ve got typical, everyday, frustrating flies zooming around your house, and I suspect cats will be great (although I’m sure flies aren’t really delicious).
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  1. Dorothy

    I recently saw my friend’s cat eat a big green fly. Of course, I immediately told my friend what happened to the cat, but I heard: “Oh, she does it all the time. We are no longer surprised at this.” So it is not so dangerous.

  2. Barbara

    My cat likes catching flies. She follows them around the house and across the grass. But I have not seen a single time that she caught:) Let him run, so she had fun:)