Can You Use Human Eye Drops on Cats?


Allergic reaction eye drops can be required and helpful if your cat is experiencing itchy, watery or irritated eyes due to allergies or an infection. Human eye drops are easily offered and may seem like a quick fix for your feline’s eye problems. It’s not suggested, nevertheless, to use over the counter eye drops designed for people in a feline’s eye, because these drops consist of chemicals which can be damaging and cause additional problems. Feline’s eyes are created a bit differently from ours, and there are eye drops on the market made especially for felines. You can also research at-home, natural or natural remedies that may solve the issue of cat eye allergic reactions.

Using human eye drops isn’t recommended due to the fact that they differ in strength. Some can be used on felines but do not use the ones you have unless you’re 100% certain they’re proper. Many eye drops consist of boric acid.

Feline Allergy Eye Drops

Many people get away with giving human allergy eye drops to a cat with eye problems. You might not have the ability to see the instant results that these have on a cat’s eye. Chemicals that are contained in brands like Visine and Clear Eyes have not likely been checked on animals and ought to therefore be prevented. If you’re looking for allergic reaction eye drops for your feline, it’s best to inspect your local family pet store, or the animal section at the grocery or health food store. Cat eye drops are designed particularly with the feline’s delicate eye in mind. If your veterinarian has actually recommended an eye drop that needs a prescription and you’re searching for a more affordable option, you might benefit from checking out practical solutions that can be made at home.

At-Home Remedies

Lots of at-home solutions are readily available and can either act as a replacement for medicated allergy eye drops, or might operate in combination with them. A simple saline option can be prepared from dissolving 1/2 teaspoon of salt in a pint of pure water. This can be handy for cleaning up eye discharge brought on by allergy and might offer some relief for burning or itchy eyes. If you have found different herbal tinctures which are valuable for eye allergies in felines, you may add them to this saline service, too.


Holistic remedies have actually been used for centuries and work by carefully matching natural and mineral ingredients with symptoms that are taking place. Homeopathy does not merely alleviate symptoms, however treats underlying conditions which might be triggering symptoms. Given that these are natural and safe, you can use them in conjunction with any allergy eye drops that you’ve found to be valuable. The drops can alleviate symptoms, while homeopathics can treat the cause.

Administration of Cat Allergy Eye Drops

It can often be tough to administer allergy eye drops to a feline. No matter which method works best for you, always be sure never to touch the eyeball. Enable the option you’re utilizing to leak into the eye. You can dip a tidy finger into the solution, use an eyedropper or submerse a cotton ball and squeeze. You might require two people for this job, relying on the feline’s personality, and you may take advantage of wrapping the feline in a towel or setting him or her on a slippery surface area, such as the table or a washing machine. This can help prevent trip for a brief period of time.

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