Can Dogs Eat Cucumber?


Dogs, unlike cats, possess omnivorous propensities that have them licking their chops over nearly any human food, whether those foods benefit them or not. As owners, we tend to presume improperly that fruits and vegetables must be healthy for dogs if they benefit us. This assumption, regrettably, causes emergency situation veterinary gos to and very unhappy dogs.

Some fruits and vegetables, nevertheless, are safe for dogs and offer a healthy option to traditional dog deals with. Cucumber is one of these veggies.

Are Cucumbers Safe for Dogs?

Cucumbers are perfectly safe for dogs to eat, and provide a low-calorie, crispy treat that many dogs love. Cucumbers only consist of about 8 calories per half cup of slices, compared with the 40 calories in a single medium Milk Bone biscuit, and are really low in salt and fat.

There are two possible risks of feeding cucumbers to dogs: overeating and choking. Feeding your dog a lot of cucumbers won’t cause severe damage for the most parts, however eating excessive of any food product can cause gastrointestinal (GI) upset in dogs, especially if it is a new food your dog has actually not consumed prior to.

To prevent your dog from choking, constantly cut food down to a manageable size, particularly for small dogs or for dogs that wolf down their meals. Feeding an entire cucumber is not advisable.

The best guideline for figuring out how much cucumber to feed your dog is the 10 percent rule. Vets suggest that treats need to only make up 10 percent of your dog’s day-to-day diet. This means that the amount of cucumber you feed your German Shepherd Dog will differ greatly from the amount you feed your Chihuahua. Just like any new food, present cucumbers gradually into your dog’s diet and keep an eye out for any unfavorable reactions.

Are Cucumbers Good for Dogs?

Cucumbers are an outstanding, healthy treat for dogs. They are especially helpful for dogs that need to lose weight, as their low-calorie content provides some rewards without the rolls.

Cucumbers also have high water material. This crispy veggie is actually 96 percent water, that makes it a delicious and hydrating summertime treat after an energetic walk.

Integrated with workout and a weight-loss diet plan, cucumbers and other safe vegetables and fruits can be a great way to assist your dog reduce weight without eliminating rewards, especially if your weight-loss plan includes training for a fun new dog sport or if your dog requires encouragement to improve her leash good manners.

However, leave the pickle jar on the shelf. Pickles contain included spices and salt that can be harmful at worst and unnecessary at best. While a bite of pickle probably won’t injure your dog, stick with plain cucumbers as a regular treat and prevent feeding pickles of any variety to dogs.

Eating Raw Cucumbers

Normally, dogs eat cucumber raw, as they enjoy the crunchiness. Plus, it naturally keeps all the nutrients and goodness that make a cucumber so healthy. Some people like to boil cucumber for dogs, however raw is thought about the best way to feed them.


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