Can Dogs Eat Bread?


…or is bread bad for dogs?

Normally, dogs don’t need to eat much of human foods since they get most, if not all, of their dietary needs from a well prepared diet based upon quality dog food.

Nevertheless, this does not imply that they do not yearn for human foods every so often, which you do not feel the urge to provide some either.

This is why feeding your dog food implied for human beings such as oatmeal every once in a while isn’t as bad as some people make it appear out to be, mainly due to irrelevant research they have done prior to offering their viewpoint.

However, you need to constantly know whether what you feed your dog is safe for them to eat or not.

So, if you’re anything like me, you’ve previously wondered whether your dog can have some of that toast or rye bread you have for breakfast often, or even a few of those cinnamon goodies you’ve baked with bread.

However previously, you have to ask the question “can dogs eat bread?

Can Dogs Eat Bread? Is Bread Good For Dogs?

The brief answer to this question is YES, dogs can eat bread securely, and bread isn’t really toxic or harmful to dogs per se.

However, there are some things you have to be cautious of, such as the types of bread you feed your dog, in addition to the quantities of bread you offer to Fido.

When Can Dogs Eat Bread?

Before going on and feeding your dog some bread, there are a few things you have to ensure of:

  • Make certain your dog isn’t adverse wheat, due to the fact that if they are, they will not having fun absorbing wheat bread
  • Make sure whatever bread you’re feeding your dog just comprises a really small portion of their diet, with 95% of their diet being constituted of quality dog food
  • Try to get a brand of bread that contains the least quantity of sugar possible, due to the fact that sugar is absolutely nothing but damaging to dogs
  • Make certain any brand name of bread you feed your dog does not contain any raisins or nuts, both which can be very harmful to dogs
  • Make sure you do not feed your dog bread crusts because they’re void of any nutritional value

What Bread Can Dogs Eat?

Before talking about what types of bread your dog can eat, let’s state the types of bread that dogs CA N’T eat:

  • Raisin bread: Raisins can cause kidney failure as well as potentially lead to death in dogs
  • Onion and garlic bread: Onions and garlic may lead to red blood cells damage
  • Banana bread: Banana breads typically include ingredients such as chocolate chips, and chocolate is extremely hazardous to dogs and should be avoided

Furthermore, and this seems apparent but believe me when I say that not enough people follow this guideline, do not feed your dog old bread that has mold in it! Any mold that grows on the bread presents a substantial toxicity risk to your dog, and if you wouldn’t eat that things, there’s no reason your dog need to either.

Instead of having your dog eat white bread, the best type of bread to feed your dog is whole grain bread, due to the fact that entire grain bread contains no components that might cause problems with your dog’s health if consumed in moderation.

Contribute to that the fact that whole grain bread consists of a decent quantity of dietary fiber that helps your dog when it comes to defecation, you understand which kind of bread to opt for!

Simply in case your dog suffers from gluten intolerance, you must just try to feed your dog gluten-free bread.

If the list of breads not appropriate to offer your dog above has actually left you with couple of ideas, attempt providing some pumpkin bread to your dog and see how much they’ll love it! It’s perfectly safe for Fido to eat too.

How Much Bread Can Dogs Eat?

To remain as safe as possible, and to guarantee that the bread does not distress your dog’s stomach, only offer your dog a couple of bits from a loaf of brown bread every now and then as a treat (hint: give your dog a small piece of bread with peanut butter on it as a treat).

That’s the way most dog owners who play it safe (me consisted of) like to do, and we’ve had no issues whatsoever.

You will not wish to give your dog a whole load of bread to eat, since that would simply cause extreme stomach ache and bloating, with the latter being an extremely dangerous issue in dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Bread Dough?

The response is a big, fat NO!

Unlike squash dough which is totally great for dogs, Yeast dough should be kept as far from your dog as possible.

If your dog takes in raw yeast dough, there’s a big possibility that it will ferment in their stomach and become extremely toxic, even fatal.

Besides the toxicity concerns, yeast dough can also result in serious bloating in your dog’s stomach and the expansion of their intestines, which can cause severe pain along with ruptures in their stomach or intestinal tract.

Your dog may likewise start vomiting uncontrollably if they eat bread dough, begin to have seizures and often even enter into coma.

Bread dough expansion inside your dog’s stomach will also lead to ethanol toxicosis, which has the following symptoms (note that these symptoms can show anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours from when your dog consumes an extreme quantity of bread):.

  • Extreme gas being passed.
  • Vomiting, often wishing to vomit but being not able to.
  • Lightheadedness and loss of coordination.
  • Uncommon bladder issues.
  • Unexpected behavioral changes.
  • Sleepiness.
  • Anxiety.
  • In extremely severe cases, heart attack and death.

If you believe your dog has actually consumed bread dough, you ought to immediately get in contact with your vet or any other dog care professional you understand and trust.


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