Betta Fish Staying at Bottom of Tank

fish always at the bottom of her tank

Is your fish floating? He may be experiencing swim bladder disease. Swim bladder disease is less of a disease and more of a condition.

What Causes Your Betta Fish Staying at Bottom of Tank?

It is likely that your betta fish has swim bladder disease. This is typically triggered by tension or poor water conditions. I would advise doing a partial water change and having your water checked at a local fish tank shop. They can assist you fix and determine what might be wrong.


My fish always at the bottom of her tank and my other fish just recently die of been at the bottom of the tank, and they both are still around the filter too.

fish always at the bottom of her tank

What to do:

Test water chemistry and temperature level. Either, if inaccurate, can lead to stress, disease or perhaps death. Orandas are cold water fish and do best between 65 F and 72 F (18.3 C to 22.2 C). Utilize a home test package or send a water sample for screening. Many pet shops will do this free of charge or for a small cost. Aim for 0 ppm ammonia and nitrites with nitrates at 40 ppm or less for a tank with live plants or 20 ppm or less in a tank without any plants. Raised ammonia or nitrites can be poisonous or lethal to fish. If essential, carry out partial water changes to support chemistry or to enhance or keep water quality. Use just aged or conditioned water that is temperature matched to prevent tension or shock.

Goldfish produce a larger than usual bio-load (wastes), so it is crucial to monitor chemistry, perform routine water changes and supply sufficient filtering. Verify the filter is rated for at least twice the volume of the tank. A large tank is likewise suggested when keeping goldfish. Preferably, one oranda should be kept in a minimum of 20 gallons with an additional 10 gallons included per extra fish.

What Is a Swim Bladder Disease?

Swim bladder disease, likewise called swim bladder condition or flipover, is a typical ailment in tropical fish. The swim bladder is an internal gas-filled organ that adds to the ability of a fish to control its buoyancy, and hence to remain at the current water depth without needing to waste energy in swimming. A fish with swim bladder condition can drift nose down tail up, or can float to the top or sink to the bottom of the fish tank.

Swim Bladder Disease Causes and Remedies

Fancy goldfish are among the fish most frequently impacted by this disorder. The disease might be caused by intestinal parasites or by constipation induced by high nitrate levels from over feeding.

A solution, which can work within hours, possibly by countering constipation, is to feed green pea to affected fish. Fish surgeons can likewise adjust the buoyancy of the fish by putting a stone in the swim bladder or carrying out a partial elimination of the bladder.

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