Best Grain Free Cat Food


Cuddly as he may be, the basic reality is that Mr. Fuzzybottom is an obligate predator – he’s sort of on the very same paleo diet kick as your friends but, like, completely.
He’s evolved to eat and process meat, not heavily processed filler grains such as ground yellow corn and wheat flour. Nope, your fuzzy pal is created to run lean on a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. Which is why in the wild, cats can be discovered happily stalking birds and mice, not absentmindedly grazing in pastures like cows. That isn’t really to say felines cannot eat grains – they can and do. It’s the excessive amount of carbs discovered in those grain-heavy foods that raise the warning.

Best Grain Free Cat Food

It’s been approximated that just around 2 percent of your feline’s diet ought to consist of carbs. So when feeding their cats those filler grains discovered in many popular feline foods, a few of which can have carbohydrate levels as high as 35 to 50 percent, is when many family pet owners accidentally open the door to an entire host of troubling medical problems.

Diabetes, weight problems, kidney stones and struvite crystals, skin and coat issues, habits concerns and allergic reaction concerns are all connected with a high-carbohydrate diet. Even worse still, going grain-free doesn’t always indicate you’re finally dropping those carbs. Grain-free fillers like pea fiber, potato and tapioca are filled with carbohydrates – along with canned foods in gravy – and all can position the same threats as the grain-heavy foods.

Thankfully, just by educating yourself on typical pet food ingredients and picking brands with a clear, easily comprehended label, you can set your feline on a much healthier, more nutritionally well balanced path. However prior to you throw that bag of chicken-flavored corn gluten meal to the curb, it is necessary to remember that every feline has its own special requirements, so you need to talk to your veterinarian prior to making any sudden modifications to Mr. Fuzzybottom’s diet.


Grandmother Lucy’s Artisan


Granny Lucy’s Artisan freeze-dried feline food makes an easy claim – to make the pet food you would make for your family pet if you had the time at home. Evaluating from the straightforward, wholesome active ingredients, that may very well be true. (Grandma Lucy’s, $24 for 3 pounds).

The Honest Kitchen


Simply add water to a cupful of The Honest Kitchen’s Grace to make a delicious, high-quality meal of turkey, eggs, pumpkin, chard and cranberries. (The Honest Kitchen, $29 for 2 pounds – 6-8 pounds rehydrated).

Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost


Genuine bunny, healthy vegetables and kitty-friendly fruits abound in Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost, including an unique freeze-dried raw coating for pure nutrition and fantastic taste. (Nature’s Variety, $16 for 2.2 pounds).

Stella & Chewy’s


With a few tablespoons of water, Stella & Chewy’s Duck Goose Dinner is 98 percent raw, farm-raised poultry for a natural gluten-free dinner without any included hormonal agents or ingredients. (Stella & Chewy’s, $22 for 12 ounces).


Canidae Grain Free Pure Elements


Appropriate for cats of all ages, Canidae Grain Free Pure Elements’ basic, holistic active ingredients are mild on more sensitive cats’ stomaches. (Canidae, $21 for 12 [5.5-ounce] cans).

Hound & Gatos


A total and well balanced meal, Hound & Gatos’ trout recipe avoids the plant fillers for an exceptional source of premium protein. (Hound & Gatos, $41 for 24 [5.5-ounce] cans).

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