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Proper nutrition of your dog is the key to its health and saving you from the additional fuss associated with its treatment. To choose the best food for a dog, you should consider such important points as its age, breed/size, habitat, etc.

In this article, we will look at the important criteria for dog nutrition, the advantages and disadvantages of various types of food and suggest the best options.

Our Pick for Best Dog Foods

CESAR Soft Wet Dog Food Classic Loaf in Sauce Steak Lovers

~$29 on Amazon
- Complete and balanced and fortified with vitamins and minerals
- For dogs of all sizes, especially small breeds
- Made with the world's finest ingredients
- Mixed with dry food
For small dogs. Dogs that love meat.
Purina Beneful Small Breed Wet Dog Food

~$17 on Amazon
- With the nutrient-rich food
- Require to meet their higher metabolic requirements
- Real meat, poultry or fish
- Whole grains and accents of vegetables or fruits
- Made without synthetic flavors
- Include essential minerals and vitamins
For small adult dogs.
Pedigree Choice Cuts in Gravy Adult Wet Dog Food

~$31 on Amazon
- Delicious treat
- World's finest active ingredients
- Including chicken, beef, lamb, and turkey
For all adult dogs.
Nature's Recipe Prime Blends Wet Dog Food

~$12 on Amazon
- Grain free dog food with real chicken as the #1 ingredient
- High-protein recipe
- Includes real lamb and is infused with savory bone broth
- Active nutrients and antioxidants help support overall health
- No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
- No corn, wheat or poultry by-product meal
For all breeds and sizes

How to Choose Right Food for Your Dog

What is the best kind of dog food? Is canned food healthier than dry? Does a homemade dog food diet need as much work as it appears to? Entire Dog Journal established an extensive pros and cons chart for various dog food options you may be considering. Keep in mind: nobody dog food is best for all dogs! Consider your dog’s lifestyle and requirements and utilize this chart to help you decide what type of food your dog ought to eat regularly. You may also consider feeding your dog a mix of various food types for greater variety in the diet.

best dog food
Dog is catching piece of food

Benefits of Homemade Dog Food

Does homemade dog food the best? Let’s look at the main reasons why dog owners choose homemade food for their Pets:

Saving money

While making dog food your self takes more time, it saves cash. This is the deciding consider many dog owner’s choice to make the switch to homemade dog food.

Cooking fans

If you enjoy hanging out in the kitchen area, then preparing for your pet is a no-brainer. You can even cook your puppy the same things you eat. When you cook for yourself, simply take out some of those veggies, meats, fruits and carbohydrate sources before you season them.

Can’t trust to commercial food

It seems that a number of times a year we find out about major dog food recalls. You are trying to support your furry member of the family, however feeding a business diet might make him ill. If you prepare a homemade dog food diet, you’ll understand that the active ingredients and preparation approaches are healthy and safe.

Behaviour to dog

Maybe you are single and live alone. Your canine is the only other member of your family. Show your dog just how much you enjoy the unique friendship that only he can provide you. You can feed your puppy treats like rushed eggs, apples, spinach, oats and other dog-friendly foods.

Variety for the dog

There are so lots of dishes for dog food out there. Even if you do not make a total switch, you can supplement your pups diet with homemade treats. If your dogs are anything like mine, they will enjoy the new treats much better than the old store-bought ones.

Vet’s suggestions

Some veterinarians, perhaps even your own, do not concur with the homemade dog food craze. As time passes though, increasingly more are starting to praise the benefits of homemade dog food. If you can make sure that you are still feeding your four-legged family member a proper diet, then there is no reason you can’t have a healthy, happy pet with the food you make. With quality ingredients and much better safety standards, your cooking area can crank out a better food for your pet. They’ll also guide you in feeding meals that cater to any health conditions that your dog might have.

No additives and preservatives

If you are storing food for a hurricane, then yes, you need preservatives, however if you purchase your food, cook it, and consume it within the period of a couple of days, then preservatives are not needed. The fresh food you make will look fantastic, no need to include colorings and dyes. Your fresh dog food doesn’t need to be loaded into bite sized portions that require emulsifiers and stabilizers.

Dog’s health

When your pet starts getting all those vitamins and minerals, they will feel and look better. It isn’t just your basic vitamins and minerals though. Dog food recipes include foods with Omega Fatty Acids, Anti-oxidants, and other advantageous elements. Those things make for brighter eyes, much healthier skin, and a shinier coat. Making your own dog food also provides you a simple method to add supplements to your dog’s diet without having to require him to take a pill every day.

Fewer grains

Research studies are showing that dogs (and individuals) can not digest some grains very quickly, implying they can’t get the nutrition they need from the grain. Just like the industrial says, if your dog’s food has corn in among the top 3 active ingredients in his food, then he is not getting correct nutrition. When you make the food yourself, you can cut down on wheat and corn and feed much better grains like oats and brown rice.

Benefits of Dry Dog Food (Kibble)

Dry dog food is packed with nutrients, and well known for being:


Determined portions of dry food can be excluded throughout the day for a dog to consume at his own pace without worry of it spoiling.


Dry dog food can be less costly to buy wholesale and store than wet dog food.

A help in cleaning teeth

Some dog foods are developed to reduce plaque, stain, and tartar buildup as the kibble is created to scrape away these accumulations on your dog’s teeth.

Improving environment

Dry foods are often much easier to use in food puzzle toys which can be helpful in entertaining your dog while you are at work, and managing food intake for those “eager eaters”. Because your dog is not hunting for his dinner, the mental stimulation of getting his food from puzzle toys can improve his lifestyle.

Benefits of Wet Dog Food (Canned)

Wet dog food, or many times referred to as canned dog food, is an excellent source of things you do not often get as much of in dry. This includes:

Greater water content

Wet dog food is particularly important for hydration. If your dog does not consume enough or you live in a dry, hot environment, a wet dog food can keep your dog properly hydrated. Even so, you need to still make certain fresh water is easily offered for your pup.

Assisting dogs who have difficulty chewing

Dogs can have issues chewing tough kibble for a range of reasons, such as loss of teeth, misaligned jaws, or even a distinctively small mouth. In these cases, a canned dog food may be much easier for them to manage.Brown dog consuming food out of a blue bowl in the backyard.

The odor

Older dogs lose some sense of odor, and for that reason may not consume their dry food with the exact same gusto or interest that they used to. Wet foods have a richer scent and taste that could spur a boost in hunger.


The greater wetness content in canned food often helps a dog feel complete. This may work in a weight management program for those dogs who appear to have an endless hunger.


Dogs can eat both wet and dry food on a regular basis. Both options contain the necessary set of vitamins, proteins, minerals and fiber that your pet needs. At the same time, you should “pamper” your dog with food that is different from the standard food for it. For example, if you feed her canned wet food, then give her a dry meal once a week. And vice versa.

In the end, the best food for a dog is the one that it likes, which provides it with everything necessary for health and beauty, which it eats completely.

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