Best Flea and Tick Control for Cats

Choosing the best flea and tick control product for cats is important for the entire six-month period from May to October.

At this time, both fleas and ticks become active, and our pets become the victims of their aggression. Cats in particular.

I will try to explain as simply and clearly as possible what is the best protection to choose for your cat army (even if it is just one soldier).

After all, protecting your pet from blood-sucking parasites is also your protection from those same ticks and fleas.

Best Flea and Tick Control for Cats

Best Flea and Tick Control Drops for Cats

Drops to control ticks and fleas are among the easiest and most reliable options to protect cats from parasites. Application is quite simple (just drop a dose on the skin on the pet’s withers and don’t buy it for 2 days.

This is enough for the product to be successfully absorbed into the skin and distributed throughout the body.

How this medication works: safe for the cat, but deadly poison for the cutaneous parasite, the product gets under the skin and penetrates the surface cells of the epithelium. When a tick or flea bites a cat, the poison kills the parasite in the shortest possible time.

How to apply

Before you apply the product, pet the cat, make him feel good, so he relaxes. Then lift the hair on the withers and apply a dose completely on the skin.

Then continue pleasuring the cat again by stroking it and saying nice words to it. This will help make it easier for you to apply the medicine next time. Otherwise, the cat won’t like the procedure and will avoid you when you have a bottle of the medicine with you.

Best Flea and Tick Control Spray for Cats

Flea and tick sprays for cats have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The spray has a certain odor that repels the parasites.

In addition, it is easier to apply. And if you miss your pet, you can spray again. Unlike drops – you’ll have to open a new ampoule.

Disadvantages include the timing of the sprays. Usually their action against ticks and fleas lasts for a few days, maximum 2 weeks.

Also, the cat may not like the spray – spraying the smelly liquid on its body is a kind of method of aggression. So you should approach the procedure more cautiously.

How to apply

The red cat is sprayed with flea and tick repellent (a spray of medicine on the withers).
The red cat is sprayed with flea and tick repellent (a spray of medicine on the withers).

I recommend applying the product to the cat’s back. With one hand, stroke against the cat’s fur so that the cat’s skin shows, and with the other hand, spray on the skin of the cat that is exposed. Two to four sprays of the product are enough.


When choosing a spray or drops, you have to consider the nature of the cat and the amount of it.

If you have one or two compliant cats, the drops will be a more suitable solution. It is more convenient and longer lasting in your case.

As for the owners of more willful cats, it is easier to carry out the procedure of controlling ticks and fleas with sprays. You’ll be more safe from losing the dose with their sudden movements, and you’ll just save money.

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