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The main criterion for determining the best canine DNA test is the accuracy and information content of the results. These criteria are important for breeders of dogs, for whom the purity of the breed, its resistance to diseases and other genetic features.

What is the Best DNA Test for Dogs?

DNA Test NameDescriptionOur Rating
#1. Embark Breed & Health Kit

$129 on Amazon
Embark screens for over 350 dog breeds, types, and varieties. Using a research-grade genotyping platform developed in partnership with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, Embark uses the most precise breed breakdown on the marketplace.9.1 / 10
#2. Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test

$80 on Amazon
With a simple cheek swab you can do at home, the Wisdom Panel test analyzes for more than 350 breeds, types, & varieties.8.7 / 10
#3. DNA My Dog - Canine Breed Identification Test Kit

$69 on Amazon
Can determine the breeds in your dog through a simple, at-home dna cheek swab. Results include a report on all breeds found in your dog's dna by percentage, a custom certificate and report.8.1 / 10

You can find out more about DNA tests for dogs below:

#1. Embark Dog DNA Test – Breed Identification Kit

Best DNA Test for Dogs

For ~$129 on Amazon

  • In combined breed dogs, Embark can exactly detect breed contributions down to 5% of the total breed make. This makes Embark’s product more than two times as exact as other tests on the market that can just identify breed contributions of 12% or more.
  • Find and get in touch with other dogs that share DNA with yours. Only Embark will provide you a percentage of shared DNA in between your dog and others that have actually been evaluated with Embark. Doggy DNA Relative Finder included with purchase.
  • Simple cheek swab. Results usually readily available online in 1-3 weeks.
  • Fixed your breed mystery but now wish to know if your puppy is at danger for 175+ hereditary health conditions? Update your Embark account at any time to get your dog’s genetic health report– no extra swabs or kits required. Update comparable to purchasing the Embark Breed + Health kit.

#2. Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test

Best DNA Test for Dogs

For ~$80 on Amazon

  • Merely collect your dog’s DNA with a cheek swab, trigger your package online & send your package to the lab with pre-paid shipping. You’ll get our genetic analysis of your dog’s ancestry & breed identification in as little as 2 weeks.
  • Hereditary testing can assist you identify breeds & particular health issues that may be very important to the wellness of your dog. Deal with your vet & use your results to develop training, nutrition & long-term healthcare plans.
  • As the leading canine genes business we’ve evaluated the DNA of more than 1.5 million dogs & established the largest & most comprehensive breed database worldwide, with a sophisticated algorithm and a very tactically put set of markers.
  • DNA analysis unlocks a brand name new world of DNA-based insights that might help you comprehend your dog’s unique look, habits, and wellness requirements.

#3. DNA My Dog Breed Identification

Best DNA Test for Dogs

~$69 on Amazon

  • DNA My Dog can identify the breeds in your dog through an easy, at-home dna cheek swab. Outcomes consist of a report on all breeds found in your dog’s dna by percentage, a custom-made certificate and report
  • Lead to about two weeks from receipt of sample, ideal for animal shelters, veterinary offices and at-home use
  • Includes breed determination report and canine breed dna analysis certificate. Lists breeds discovered by level portion discovered in your dog’s genetics.
  • An overview of the generic health concerns and personality type for every single breed found in your dog’s genetic profile
  • Getting genetic breed knowledge about your dog will assist you be more proactive about the health of your pet.

What You Need to Know About Dog DNA Tests

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is made up of a series of substances called nucleotides. It brings the unique plan for every single specific living organism– from the tiniest bacterium to humans. Genes are sections of DNA, and these code for specific proteins that play the central role in building, preserving, and replicating a cell.

Dogs have about 20,000 to 25,000 genes that lie along 78 chromosomes (compared to 46 in people).

In 2005, a worldwide research group led by MIT’s Broad Institute published a paper in the journal Nature, describing the sequencing the canine genome. This total set of dog genes gave researchers, breeders, and owners an effective tool to much better understand and take care of dogs.

Today, DNA testing is utilized in the following methods:

  • Confirming parentage
    A technology known as “genetic fingerprinting” is used by law-enforcement throughout the world to favorably determine crime suspects. The very same technology can be utilized to offer a DNA picture of any individual, canine or human. These profiles serve numerous functions, including positive recognition of a dog, accurate pedigree tracking, and confirmation of parentage. The American Kennel Club provides AKC DNA Profiles service that develops and records the genetic identification of dogs. This voluntary program includes value to reproducing programs by providing breeders a way to get rid of issues and concerns about parentage. How does this work? Each gene exists as two copies called alleles. Offspring get one copy of each gene from each parent. DNA tests to verify parentage do not utilize real genes, however other DNA sequences referred to as markers. These are not functional genes, so the DNA profiles are utilized only for genetic identity and parentage confirmation. They do not offer any information about appearance, genetic diseases, or breed.
  • Implementing pet waste laws
    The exact same kind of technology is utilized to put the finger on poop-law scofflaws. One business– PooPrints by BioPet Laboratories, in Knoxville, Tennessee– has actually offered a genetic profiling service to handled communities because 2008. Landlords can log each local’s dog into a pet registry. If waste is discovered in place where it does not belong, a sample of cells extracted from the feces can be compared to a private in a database of genetic profiles of local dogs
  • Figuring out the mix in mixed-breed dogs
    DNA tests are offered to expose what breeds entered into creating dogs that are affectionately nicknamed “Heinz 57s.” The AKC designates these dogs as Canine Partners. Wisdom Panel, which is owned by Mars Inc., covers all AKC signed up breeds, in addition to some of the rarer breeds in the Foundation Stock Service listing. The tests cost about $85, and Wisdom Panel says it has actually sold about 400,000 since the business launched in 2007. Wisdom Panel and other similar tests are readily available online. Knowing the breed will allow owners to make smart choices, based on breed, about health care and training. It can also provide young puppy owners an idea of how big the adult dog is most likely to be. Wisdom Panel’s tests are being used by the Search Dog Foundation, which takes dogs from shelters and trains them for search-and-rescue, to help examine if a dog’s genetic background is well-suited to a specific sort of work.
  • Finding inherited diseases
    Breeders have an obligation to pick the sires and dams that have the best chance of producing sound, healthy pups. Genetic testing plays a big function in this, by giving breeders a direct that there may be a tendency towards a disease prowling in a dog’s DNA. The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Inc., founded in 1966 as a control database for the orthopedic issue called dysplasia, now preserves voluntary databases of canine health, some of which is based on X-Rays, some on genetic tests. According to an OFA essay, “knowledge of the genotypic status is the breeder’s most effective tool for elimination of genetic disease.”
    Today, there are hundreds of these tests, identifying the gene for dog diseases. The AKC Canine Health Foundation has a list of readily available canine genetic tests, arranged by breed. There are 119, but more are being looked into and added each day. PennGen, a genetic testing facility operated at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine, is a collection of laboratories that coordinate as a not-for-profit unit, that use routine testing for genetic disease. According to PennGen, more than 900 acquired conditions have actually been determined in dogs. It maintains a database of readily available tests, which can be browsed by breed or condition. Breed clubs typically note advised genetic tests.
  • Revealing hidden traits
    DNA tests are likewise available for finding genes for coat color and type. A dog might look like he’s a certain color, but might bring the genes for another color, pattern, or texture that may show up in the offspring.

How Accurate is Dog DNA Testing?

Representatives from each of the three significant dog DNA tests– Wisdom, Embark Dog DNA Test, and DNA My Dog– stated their outcomes are 95-99% accurate, with some room for human mistake and the size of each company’s breed database.

Embark has a database of over 250 dog breeds, Wisdom tests for about 350 breeds, and DNA My Dog takes a look at about 100 breeds.

“The breeds we test for are the most popular breeds we will see,” explains Mindy Tenenbaum, M.Sc Vet Med., of DNA My Dog, which evaluates for the least breeds. “This enables us to keep our test at a reasonable rate, use a fast turnaround and support most of testers we deal with, including shelter dogs.”

Best DNA Test for Dogs: Question and Answers

Does a dog DNA test tell age?

Most DNA tests for dogs can provide the biological age of the dog. Follow the test instructions to get the most accurate result.

Are dog DNA tests accurate?

Representatives from each of the three major dog DNA tests: Wisdom, Embark Dog DNA Test, and DNA My Dog – said their outcomes are 95-99% precise, with some space for human mistake and the size of each business’s breed database.

What will a dog DNA test tell you?

Inherited-Disease Screening
Use multiple tests identifying dogs that are providers for inherited diseases. This knowledge is particularly valuable for breeding programs.

Inherited-Traits Screening
Dog DNA tests support breeding programs by identifying dogs that are providers for acquired traits such as coat color, curl, and more.

Dog Breed Identification
Identify the key breeds in your dog’s genetic background with our Dog DNA Breed Test & Life Plan. Over 220 popular breeds can be spotted.

Parentage Verification
Dog DNA test accredits the authenticity of pedigrees and results supply conclusive genetically-confirmed evidence of parentage.

DNA Profiling
DNA profiling is the most accurate and trustworthy method for securing permanent recognition of your dog in cases of loss or theft.

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