Are Laser Pointers Bad for Cats?

laser pointer for cats

Many people love to find new ways to play with their cat. Using a laser guideline is one of the more commonly associated methods to play with a cat, as you’re not likely to take them for walks as you would with a dog (you ought to consider whether utilizing a laser pointer with your dog is a good idea, too).

But, there are a couple of things that you ought to consider prior to you start using a laser pointer with your kitty.

Laser Pointers Can Cause Behavioural Issues

The possible problem with these toys comes since the feline can never “win” the game. Even if a feline catches the dot there’s nothing there.

Your cat is a predator, just like the lions and tigers you’ll discover in the wild. Okay, perhaps not quite to the exact same degree, however it’s real — your felines instinct is to hunt.

When a feline is going after something, it needs to be rewarded for it’s effort. It needs to get a prize for all the effort that it puts into something. If a feline is having fun with a regular toy, then it gets the physical impact of the toy against it’s claws or its teeth.

The issue with a laser pen is that you cat does not get this physical prize — the laser is an imaginary toy that you cat is never going to capture. This can lead to behavioural problems in your cat.

By behavioural issues, the main thing that you cat might have to deal with is an increased level of anxiety. There are stories of felines becoming consumed with lasers so much so that long after you’ve stopped playing, the cat is still looking for it. Although these stories are relatively uncommon, it’s still something to consider.

The best method to guarantee that this does not occur is to end the laser video game favorably. By this, I imply provide your cat something physical to catch. Whether it’s a reward or another toy, if you end the laser game by offering your feline something significant — a reward for it’s hard work — then you can be sure that your feline will not continue to look for the laser after you’ve ended up playing.

Caring about Your Cats Eyes

Your felines eyes are especially delicate, so it’s actually crucial that you take care when you’re having fun with them.

Although it’s hard to avoid contact with your felines eyes completely, guarantee that you’re not straight the light at them for a prolonged period of time. Of course, make certain to utilize a lower mW laser guideline when having fun with your feline to avoid any damage.

Benefits of Using a Laser Pointer With Your Cat

For indoor felines, particularly, basically anything that gets a cat moving is an advantage.

Whilst you certainly require to look after your cat and make sure you aren’t hurting them, there are positives of utilizing a laser tip with your cat. Everything depends on how you’re using your laser pen with them. If you utilize the laser pointer correctly, you can develop a game that is pleasurable for both you and kitty. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using a laser pointer to play video games with your feline.

  • Developing a bond with your cat – Like a child, when you get a new feline you want to develop a long-term bond in between the two of you. By playing enjoyable games with your cat, you’re increasing the trust and affection between you, which is important to your felines health and wellbeing.
  • Good workout – If you have a house feline that never really goes out, then it can be a good workout for them to have something to do. There aren’t an abundance of things that you can do with your cat, so utilizing a laser pointer with them is a good way to increase their exercise.
  • Mental Exercise – Not just is utilizing a laser pointer with your cat good physical exercise, but it’s also helpful for their brain too. Think it or not, felines get bored too – even though they appear lazy, they need some sort of psychological stimulation.
  • You can do it whenever – Unlike dogs that need walking all the time, owning a cat is a lot simpler. You do not require to take them on strolls all the time. And with a laser guideline, you don’t even require to leave your chair!


To conclude, using a laser with your feline can be a terrific way to bond and increase the amount of exercise that they get. Simply make certain to ensure that your feline is safe and happy whilst you’re playing together to ensure that you aren’t triggering them any sort of distress.

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